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At a seemingly benign junction in Reigate, Surrey, life can be quickly turned upside down by a lorry driver who suddenly finds his vehicle wedged across a narrow crossroads. When that happens, local residents must come out to assist the driver in freeing his or her vehicle. This process can take several hours. Now, local residents are petitioning the Surrey County Council to do something about the problem.

As a company offering HGV training in Surrey, we are well aware of the Reigate junction in question. The junction is where Nutley Lane, Yorke Road, and Beaufort Road all come together. It is an area that is simply not wide enough to handle oversized vehicles like articulated lorries. Yet residents say that problems with oversized vehicles are becoming more frequent than ever.

One resident told the Surrey Mirror that lorries only used to become stuck in the area once or twice per year. Now the problem seems to be occurring at least once a month. The solution, say residents, is better signage. The one sign that currently exists, instructing drivers to turn left at Nutley Road, is not clear enough. Moreover, because many of the drivers who become stuck are foreign drivers, many might not even understand the sign. Residents want the council to install better signage that can be seen and understood by every driver passing through the area.

The most serious incident at the junction occurred a couple of years ago when a lorry damaged 19 cars and a Beaufort Road house. Residents claim not enough has been done since that incident to prevent further problems. They are hoping that by raising their voices to Surrey County Council things will change.

Be Careful out There

As a leading provider of commercial driver training in the UK, one of the things we can do to help is to urge drivers to be careful out there. One of the fundamentals of training is to pay specific attention to signage at all times. Signage is there to protect both drivers and the communities through which they travel. You can never let your guard down where signs are concerned.

On a lighter note, we offer HGV training in Surrey and beyond. In fact, the HGV Training Centre operates facilities at more than 45 locations around the UK. There is one close enough to you to make training very convenient. All you need to begin your training is a full car licence and the ability to pass a routine medical exam.

HGV training offers you the opportunity to embark on a career that is both challenging and rewarding. Moreover, once you are licensed, you can begin looking for work all across the haulage and transport sectors. We can even help by giving you access to our up-to-date jobs database.

For more information about HGV training in Surrey and elsewhere, ring our free phone number at your earliest convenience. We look forward to getting you started.


Surrey Mirror – http://www.surreymirror.co.uk/Reigate-residents-action-stop-HGVS-wedged-narrow/story-20855882-detail/story.html


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