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An important part of HGV driver training is learning to safely enter a motorway without disrupting traffic. However, a number of professional drivers are now saying that doing so is very dangerous at the M6 slip road at Junction 15. The drivers say roadworks, in their current position, do not give lorry drivers enough room to enter the motorway safely.

One driver told the Stoke Sentinel that entering the motorway at Junction 15 is overwhelming, even for the most experienced drivers. He and his colleagues believe the roadworks need to be moved back an additional 400 yards to give drivers the necessary space.

The complaints are mostly the result of a recent accident involving a milk lorry last week. And while the complaints focus on Junction 15, drivers say the problem exists across Staffordshire and Cheshire. They are warning that improperly positioned roadworks are increasing the likelihood of serious crashes as large commercial vehicles tried to enter the motorway. They say something needs to be done right away.

A Delicate Balance

The positioning of roadworks in any construction project is left largely up to the engineers and project planners responsible for it. Getting it right is a delicate balance requiring planners to consider the safety of drivers against that of road workers. They have to find a position that will offer the most safety for everyone involved while allowing a road project go forward in a timely and efficient manner.

Without actually seeing the roadworks in question, it is not possible for us to comment one way or the other. Nevertheless, we would urge lorry drivers to be extremely cautious while entering the M6 in construction zones. We hope driver concerns are carefully considered and any appropriate action taken – before any more serious crashes occur.

HGV Driver Training

The HGV Training Centre offers commercial driver training at more than 45 facilities around the UK. Our courses take advantage of a fast-paced and intense approach designed to make sure students learn and retain the information and skills they need in order to pass their tests. As proof that our approach works, consider the fact that we enjoy a 92% first-time pass rate among students taking the PCV theory test.

To begin HGV driver training yourself, you need only have a full car licence and pass a routine medical exam provided by an NHS doctor or approved private physician. We can give you more details when you contact us. If you are interested in other types of vehicles, we also offer training for coaches and buses, minibuses, heavy construction equipment, horseboxes, forklift trucks, and more.

We would also like to remind currently working drivers that CPC training has to be completed by September 14 of this year. If you have not yet received your 35 hours of training, it is a good idea to get it done soon. It will be more difficult to find space in a class the closer we get to the September deadline.


Stoke Sentinel – http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/HGV-warning-roadworks/story-20880120-detail/story.html


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