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Over the years, the Department for Transport (DfT) has allocated hundreds of millions of pounds to encourage the manufacture and sale of ultra-low emission passenger vehicles in the UK. Most recently, the department allocated some £500 million for both vehicles and infrastructure improvement until 2020. However, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) believes more needs to be done.

The FTA says HGVs are the forgotten part of the low emissions equation. To date only £6.5 million has been allocated to encourage fleet managers and independent HGV operators to implement low emissions strategies. The FTA believes that a greater financial commitment from the DfT could help change things.

The haulage industry plays an integral part of Europe’s economy and, as such, contributes to a high percentage of total traffic on UK roads. The FTA position is one that makes a lot of sense in this light. By reducing emissions among HGVs, both the UK and EU can make great strides in reaching their carbon emissions goals. Without including HGVs, those goals will be more difficult to achieve.

It should be noted that financial incentives are critical to encouraging lower emission HGV technologies. Without government investment companies are not likely to spend their own money on the sometimes-costly strategies that may, or may not, have a positive impact on their bottom lines. The fact remains that reducing carbon emissions needs to be a public-private venture if it is to succeed.

Industry Outlook

Emissions standards aside, what is the outlook of the haulage industry as a whole? At this point, it is very good. Over-the-road transport is still the primary means of moving cargo around Europe. That’s not likely to change in the near future. Even with new road taxes and CPC regulations, the haulage industry is expected to continue thriving.

As a career, driving an HGV is one that offers plenty of rewards. It is a career with good pay, long-term stability, a challenging work environment, and an opportunity to see new places. Moreover, with a current driver shortage all across Europe, finding work is not usually a problem for the properly trained and licensed driver. At the HGV Training Centre, we offer HGV training in Hampshire, Liverpool, and other places around the UK. In fact, our 45+ locations make us one of the leading training facilities in Europe.

We work with individuals to help them earn their HGV or PCV licences in the shortest time possible. We do so by preparing them for their theory test, providing comprehensive practical skills training, and accompanying them when they take their final practical skills test. When you train with us, we are at your side every step of the way.

The HGV Training Centre also works with haulage industry companies and fleet managers around the country. We offer remedial training for fleet drivers, training for new drivers, and CPC training as well. Please contact us today if we can help meet your driver training needs. We are ready to help.


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