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Now that the deadline for PCV drivers to complete their CPC training has come and gone, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is strongly urging LGV drivers not to delay their own training despite the fact that their deadline is still a year away. All LGV drivers must be CPC certified by September 2014.

According to the FTA, drivers who have not yet begun training should immediately start looking into enrolling in classes. With a large percentage of drivers still uncertified, classes will begin filling up more quickly as we turn the corner into next year. Getting the training taken care of now will allow drivers to avoid the hassle of dealing with next year’s push.

Failing to comply with CPC regulations could result in fines and/or job losses. For companies in the haulage industry, it could mean a definite disruption of business. We have already seen that in the PCV sector.

Earlier this summer the UK government ordered a PCV operator to cease running coaches because it had not yet begun CPC training for its drivers. Before the company could resume runs, they had to demonstrate that CPC training had begun. Haulage companies cannot afford a similar scenario.

Reasons for Delay

CPC requirements are by no means a surprise. They were announced years ago in order to give drivers and haulage companies’ ample time to comply. So why are drivers reluctant to complete their training? The biggest reason is the cost.

LGV training costs associated with earning an initial license are pretty substantial on their own. More than one driver is unhappy with the fact that he will have to pay thousands of pounds to undergo CPC training every few years. Some would rather retire or simply find a new career.

For the brand-new driver the first-time cost really will not be an issue because it is now included in standard LGV training. Remedial training down the road will still be required of all drivers. That said, the government and training facilities should start working now to find a way to reduce training costs.

The Purpose of Training

Drivers should be aware that there is a purpose behind CPC training and certification. The term itself is an acronym that stands for Certificate of Professional Competence. The certification is a demonstration that the LGV driver is capable of performing his job safely, efficiently, and in compliance with the law.

The UK CPC requirement is a direct result of EU regulations as well. That means UK drivers are not alone. The scheme covers most of Europe and is designed to improve highway safety.

If you are an LGV driver working independently, the HGV Training Centre can provide you with the CPC training and certification you need. Just contact us for details and we’ll get you started. If you are a fleet manager or business owner, we can provide that same training for your entire workforce. As one of the leading training facilities in the UK, we regularly work with companies in the haulage and transport industries.


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