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Although it will have little practical effect on HGV driver training, we are nonetheless pleased to report that the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has released its new European Transport Guide. The 20th edition of the guide provides haulage operators with plenty of pertinent information necessary to efficiently, safely, and legally move cargo throughout Europe. The guide is offered free to member companies with international membership; purchase prices vary for all others.

According to the HGV UK, the guide includes:

The guide is an essential tool for any operator actively working in Europe. As HGV UK explains, Europe is a plethora of rules and regulations that constantly change as a driver crosses borders from one country to the next. Keeping it all straight can be rather confusing. By purchasing the guide, operators will have the information necessary to make European operations run as smoothly as possible.

We applaud the FTA for putting so much effort into compiling this guide every year. Without the information it offers, operating a haulage company in Europe would be made significantly more difficult. Having access to the information not only improves the haulage industry, it also gives operators a good picture of the overall European environment.

Information for Drivers

As a professional lorry driver, you might want to encourage your employer to get a copy of the European Transport Guide. You would benefit from better understanding of country-specific regulations, toll charges, public holidays, safe loading, and so on. Anything you can do to be more informed makes you a better driver in the long run.

As for new drivers, your first order of business is to take the necessary HGV driver training to pass both the theory and practical skills tests. The theory test is a 100-question exam divided into two categories: general road safety and hazard avoidance. You can take both parts concurrently or split them into two sessions. You are required to pass this test before you can begin practical skills training.

The practical skills test is the culmination of your HGV driver training. The HGV Training Centre does not administer it, although we do send one of our trainers with every student on the day of the exam. The practical skills test requires you to demonstrate your physical ability to handle an HGV as well as your mental competence in terms of doing a pre-trip inspection, safely manoeuvring your vehicle, and complying with all laws and regulations.

The HGV Training Centre is ready to begin your HGV driver training right away. You need only contact us to get started.



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