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Residents of several Herefordshire towns will spend the next year or so learning to live with more than 100 HGVs scheduled to be travelling on local roads. What’s causing the increased traffic? A renovation and modernisation project at the Letchworth Golf Club. The project will require plenty of waste disposal and special soil being developed off-site, creating the need to bring in the material by truck.

When it comes to HGV training, Herefordshire provides a great place to offer classes. However, it might not be as welcoming to increased HGV traffic, especially as the vehicles move in and around communities like Hitchin and Willian. At least the problem will only be a temporary one. Once the project is complete, the lorries will disappear and a much-improved Letchworth GC will be available to enjoy.

Making it Work

Right now, it seems to many local residents that dealing with more HGVs in their communities will make life unbearable. Nevertheless, as so many other communities have done, they will learn to make it work for everyone’s benefit. In the end, those who are unhappy today will probably not have such negative feelings a year from now.

Most people understand that the transport and haulage industries play an extremely important role in the UK economy. Without them, commerce would grind to a near halt. So learning to make it work when HGV traffic must be increased is in everyone’s best interests.

With that in mind, the drivers who will be operating the lorries for the Letchworth project need to remember that people live in those communities they will be travelling through. They need to make every effort to be safe and considerate while they work. Most will, but some will not.

HGV Training in Herefordshire

Are you looking for a new career after redundancy? Or are just starting out on your career journey? In either case, the HGV Training Centre offers comprehensive HGV training in Herefordshire and across the UK. We operate dozens of training facilities in key areas, making classes accessible to as many students as possible.

Our training programmes can prepare you to drive HGVs, LGVs, coaches and busses, forklift trucks, horseboxes, and more. We even offer trailer-towing classes for non-professionals who need to tow a small trailer or a large caravan.

If you are interested in earning your licence by way of our HGV training in Herefordshire, you can start the process by calling us. You will need to have a full car licence, pass a routine medical exam, and apply for a provisional entitlement before your training can begin. However, don’t worry; we will help you every step of the way.

Once you are ready to go, you will need to prepare for the 100-question theory test. A passing grade will enable you to undergo practical skills training prior to taking your final road test at an approved testing site. In a matter of just a few weeks, you could be ready to look for work.


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