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As a UK leader in professional driver training, the HGV Training Centre is committed to recruiting as many new drivers as possible. Yet we know that truck driving is not right for everyone. It is a career choice that brings with it some unique circumstances not experienced by workers in other sectors. For this reason, we would never say that driving professionally is something that anyone can do. It is not.

To give you a little better perspective of what professional driving entails, we have put together the ‘good and bad of truck driving’. Under each category are what we believe to be the top three items to consider.

The Good

  1. Job Stability – The UK is currently undergoing a significant driver shortage. The shortage is so severe that the average driver fresh out of training should have no trouble finding and keeping a job. As long as a driver is dependable and law-abiding, he or she should never have to worry about being out of work.
  2. Good Pay – One will never become a millionaire driving lorries for a living. However, poverty will not be a problem either. The truck-driving career offers good pay and additional benefits.
  3. Adventure – Truck driving is a good career choice for individuals who cannot stand to be confined to a single place all day, every day. It offers the adventure of the open road and the opportunity to see parts of the UK (and possibly Europe) that would otherwise not have been seen.

The Bad

  1. Home Time – We will not lie; the biggest negative for long distance drivers is that of being away from home for extended amounts of time. Unless you are a local driver with a dedicated run, you can expect to spend at least some of your nights on the road.
  2. Bad Weather – Truck driving requires you to keep moving, even in bad weather. Only extreme conditions slow drivers to a grinding halt. If severe weather frightens you, truck driving might not be your best career choice.
  3. Regulation – Lorry and coach drivers are among the most regulated in Europe. Drivers have to be diligent at all times to make sure they remain in compliance, or potentially face penalties and/or driving bans. Of course, employers have their job-related requirements as well.

We hope that we have given you a fair assessment of the good and bad of truck driving. If you are interested in knowing more, we invite you to contact the HGV Training Centre to speak with one of our representatives. The good news is that we can have you trained, licenced and ready to look for work in a matter of weeks. It only requires dedication and hard work on your part.

You must have a valid car licence and be in reasonably good health to begin training. You will also need to pass the PCV or HGV theory test and apply for a provisional entitlement. We can supply you with all the details when you contact us.


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