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Go to your favourite search engine and look for recent news stories involving forklift truck accidents. It will not take long to find one story after the next. Unfortunately, many of the accidents we hear about in the news are the direct result of driver carelessness or improper training. Any company that uses forklift trucks to move freight, for any purpose, should be investing in telescopic forklift training for their operators.

It is true that there is no special licence required to operate a forklift professionally. However, that does not mean anyone who comes into the hiring office is fit for the job. It also does not mean that it is safe or smart to put an untrained operator behind the wheel of a forklift.

Are you the owner or manager of a company that utilises forklift trucks? If so, here are three reasons you should invest in telescopic forklift training for your operators:

  1. The Law – While the law does not require licencing for forklift operators, it does require business owners and managers take every reasonable step to ensure a safe workplace. A company owner would be hard-pressed to convince the court that forklift training was not a reasonable measure in the event of an accident that seriously injured or killed someone. Forklift training is so widely available and accessible that there is no good reason for not taking advantage of it.
  2. Your Workers – We would hope that company owners and managers view their workers as more than just company assets. Indeed, they are real people with real families and lives outside of work. They should be valued as such. In light of that, forklift trucks are inherently dangerous because of the work they do and the way they are designed. Forklift training protects the lives of workers by making sure operators are skilled, knowledgeable, and competent.
  3. Your Company – Because of the legal requirement to provide a safe working environment, companies are also open to serious liability in the event of an accident. All it takes is one poor decision to result in penalties, insurance claims, and potential criminal consequences. It is not worth risking the health of a company in order to avoid paying for forklift truck training.

Train with Us

We have provided three excellent reasons for your company to invest in telescopic forklift training. Now the decision is yours. Should you decide to send your operators through a qualified training course, we can help. The HGV Training Centre offers forklift courses at dozens of facilities around the UK. There is likely a training centre somewhere near you.

Our telescopic forklift training covers everything that your operators need to know for safe operation. We work on moving cargo, stacking and unstacking pallets, moving around tight workspaces and keeping an eye on other workers and equipment. Everything we teach is designed to ensure your operators get the job done without causing accidents. We hope this is important to you.


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