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When we engage students during a van driving licence course, one of the things we address is compliance with speed limits. Speed limits exist as a means of keeping everyone on the road as safe as possible. Unfortunately though, there are people all over Europe who routinely violate speed limits. In Hampshire, the police aim to reduce the frequency of speeding. To that end, they have embarked on an anti-speeding campaign throughout their jurisdiction.

The campaign will focus on drivers of all types, regardless of the vehicles they drive. It is part of a larger effort across Europe to reduce the number of speeding offenses and, hopefully, the number of serious crashes as well. All across Europe, as many as 30% or more of all fatal crashes are related to excessive speed. In Hampshire, 27% of the fatal crashes occurring in 2013 speed related.

Throughout the campaign, police will be carrying out targeted speed checks on a number of different roads. Violators will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, according to how fast they were going at the time they were caught. More serious offenders will be issued a hefty fine along with penalty points and a court appearance. Less serious offenses may be eligible for a fixed fine with points or an option to take a speed awareness course.

The Hampshire police have also created special stickers for HGV drivers who face lower speed restrictions when their vehicles are in excess of 7.5 tonnes. The police say that many drivers are just ignorant of the fact that they must drive slower at a higher weight. Police believe placing the stickers inside the vehicles will be a good reminder to slow down.

Training Part of the Equation

As a leading provider of training for all commercial vehicles, including HGVs, LGVs, buses and vans, the HGV Training Centre is acutely aware of how important training is toward reducing serious road crashes. Maintaining proper speed is something we cover in all of our training programmes.

From our perspective, speed is something that needs to be treated with great care and caution. Even in optimal conditions, a speed limit is just that. It is a limit, not a suggestion. Moreover, when bad weather rolls in, drivers should reduce their speed accordingly.

Train with Us

The HGV Training Centre offers training for the van driving licence to both individual and company drivers. However, we also train for lorries, box trucks, tipper trucks, coaches, buses and so much more. Virtually any sort of commercial driver training you need can be found at one of our 45+ facilities. We even offer training for private individuals towing a horsebox or caravan.

We encourage you to be mindful of the speed limits as you travel this summer, whether you are in Hampshire or another location in Europe. If we all do our best to always maintain a safe and responsible speed, we will also lower the risk of serious crashes.


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