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There is good news for both HGV drivers and transport training companies throughout the UK: HGV non-compliance rates are improving steadily. The news comes by way of the latest figures from the Driver and Vehicle Agency Heavy Goods Vehicle, Taxi and Bus Compliance Surveys 2012/13. As reported by Debate NI and other sources, HGV compliance improved by more than a percentage point between 2012 and 2013.

When the surveys were first conducted, more than half of all HGVs on the road were non-compliant. For the 2011/2012 year, surveys showed non-compliance rates had dropped to just over 30%. The new numbers show more improvement at 22.7%.

Unfortunately, the news is not so good for PCVs and taxis. Non-compliance rates for buses rose some eight percentage points to more than 30%, while taxis increased to 31.1% over the previous year. No explanation has been given as to why buses and taxis saw an increase while HGVs decreased.

One suggestion we would like to offer is the increased availability of quality driver transport training. Companies like the HGV Training Centre are becoming more widely accessible throughout the country, offering better training courses for all types of commercial drivers and licences.

Part of that training is making drivers aware of what needs to be done to ensure their vehicles are in compliance. However, companies like ours also work with fleet managers and other business executives to ensure they know what is expected of them under the law.

It’s safe to say that better training leads to better results. With an emphasis on compliance, companies like the HGV Training Centre are making a real difference that translates into safety on the roads. We see no reason why compliance rates among the nations HGVs will not continue to improve. That said, there is still much work to do among buses and taxis.

What Training Entails

Perhaps you’re visiting our website for the first time and you’re wondering what driver transport training entails. We can tell you that the details differ depending on the type of licence you are after and the vehicle you’ll be driving. However, as a general rule it goes as follows:

The HGV Training Centre can help you as little or as much as you require. We can guide you through preparing your medical exam paperwork and getting ready for your theory test or, if all of that has already been taken care of, we can get right to work on your practical skills training. Whatever you require, we pride ourselves on meeting your needs. Our goal is to get you licenced and working as quickly as possible.


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