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Whether a driver receives his or her HGV training in Cambridgeshire or Yorkshire, one of the things that is emphasised is a need for safe driving practices. That includes instructing drivers not to tailgate. Now there is even more reason to avoid the practice: new laws that make it easier for police officers to fine drivers.

According to HGV Ireland, new laws came into force in that country beginning in July that are aimed at giving police more leeway in issuing penalties for careless driving. The new law allows police to concentrate on middle lane hogging and tailgating on the country’s motorways. As thousands of British truckers use Irish roads, this is important to know.

For HGV drivers, middle lane hogging is not going to be an issue. However, that’s not the case with tailgating. HGV Ireland says that commercial drivers routinely get too close to one another even at the high speeds the motorways afford. This dangerous practice is never acceptable.

Tailgating is a problem because it does not allow the vehicle behind enough space or opportunity to stop safely in an emergency. If the driver ahead suddenly slams on his/her brakes, the driver behind has little choice but to plough into the rear end. More than one serious accident has been caused this way.

It should be noted that accidents involving tailgating are usually considered, by law, the fault of the driver behind. There is simply no reason to be following so closely behind another driver. Especially when we are talking about HGVs, PCVs, and heavy construction equipment.

Haulage industry experts are warning HGV drivers to heed the new laws with diligence. Police will be out in force looking to catch as many careless drivers as possible. The good news is that the laws and enforcement efforts are targeting not only HGV drivers, but also all drivers on the roads.

Get Your Training through Us

With all of that out of the way, we invite you to take your HGV training in Cambridgeshire through us. The HGV Training Centre has more than 45 facilities throughout the country offering the finest training for all types of commercial vehicles and licenses. We even offer a trailer training for individuals looking to tow a caravan or utility trailer.

CPC training, which is now required by law for all commercial drivers, is also something we offer. And in fact, if you are a PCV operator or driver, your deadline for completing CPC training is nearly upon you. Remember that any drivers that have not completed training by September of this year (2013) will no longer be able to drive professionally. HGV drivers have until September 2014.

The HGV Training Centre is proud to be one of the UK’s leaders in providing comprehensive driver training. Our fast-paced and intense approach is designed to get you licensed and on the road as quickly as possible. Moreover, our approach works. We have a 92% first-time pass rate for the HGV theory test. No one does it better than we do, so give us a call today.


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