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It has been said that no one knows a business as well as someone who has worked in it for years. That’s certainly true for former HGV driver Peter Taylor who, last year, set up his own business to provide contract drivers to companies who needed help to cover employee absences or busy times in the schedule.

Taylor’s company is not involved in fleet driver training, but rather, in hiring already experienced drivers that can be used to fill short-term contracts. His services allow clients to make sure their businesses are not affected by a lack of drivers – something that could be very costly if it happened on a regular basis. Taylor’s company is also involved in driver recruiting and specialist services to help companies with fleets cut down on fuel usage.

According to the Liverpool Daily Post, Taylor is expecting a 250% increase in turnover this year. Most of his business is providing contract drivers, but he is planning the fuel savings side of his business to build over time. Taylor told the Post he could save a company with 50 HGVs upwards of £350,000 annually, cost of fuel. He also said he has never failed to deliver on his fuel-saving projections.

The Importance of Fleet Management

Any company running more than just a handful of vehicles knows how important good fleet management is. Good fleet management includes everything from maintaining vehicles to controlling roots to customer delivery deadlines. Yet all of these things are held together with ongoing fleet driver training designed to keep your drivers at the top of their game. The HGV Training Centre offers such training as part of our standard list of services.

Whether your company is involved in haulage, logistics, or passenger transport we can help train your drivers. We already work with various companies of all sizes throughout the UK. And with more than 45 different training facilities, there’s likely one with a reasonable distance from your location.

Fleet managers for PCV operators can benefit from our fleet driver training for CPC certification. Keep in mind all PCV drivers must complete their CPC training by September of this year in order to keep working. If you have not started the training for your drivers, you cannot afford to wait any longer.

At the HGV Training Centre, we use a fast-paced and intense approach designed to equip our drivers with everything they need to know. We believe this approach is best because it keeps everything fresh in the minds of drivers. As proof that our approach works, consider the fact that we have a 92% first-time pass rate for the HGV theory test. Not every training centre in the UK can say that.

Mr Taylor has created a successful business by providing contract drivers and fuel saving strategies to companies in the haulage industry. Likewise, we have created a successful business by offering the best HGV training in the industry. We invite you to get in contact with us today for your commercial driving needs.


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