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In a move that seems to have caught some industry experts by surprise, a group of HGV drivers has called on the government to ban driving lorries and other high profile vehicles when high wind conditions exist. According to The Telegraph, the drivers believe operating under high wind conditions endangers the lives of both the drivers and the public-at-large. They cite a number of examples as proof, including a death resulting from a recent accident in West Lothian.

Lorry drivers have banded together to urge the government to establish firm regulations regarding when high wind conditions warrant keeping large vehicles off the road. At this time, no such regulations exist. A spokesperson for the Department of Transport told The Telegraph that current safety regulations already require employers to take whatever steps necessary to protect the health and well-being of their workers. That includes deciding when it is unsafe to drive HGVs due to high winds.

The United Road Transport Union says those regulations are not enough. Drivers say that while many of the larger haulage companies make common sense decisions during high wind conditions, smaller companies do not necessarily do so. The drivers claim these smaller companies are only interested in making sure goods are delivered according to schedule, regardless of weather conditions.

If the government were to put regulations in place, it is hard to say how they would apply to HGVs that have to travel nationwide, experiencing different weather conditions in different regions. Yet regardless, we do know that gale force winds can blow high profile vehicles over onto their sides as they drive down the road. HGV drivers know this as well.

Becoming an HGV Driver

At the HGV Training Centre, we believe it is important for us to point out that accidents during high wind conditions are the exception to the rule. Most drivers complete their daily runs without incident. We hope the relatively low chances of being involved in a serious accident do not dissuade you from embarking on a career as an HGV driver. Commercial driving is a rewarding career that offers good pay, long-term stability, and the opportunity to see new places and meet new people.

Becoming an HGV driver requires you to undergo a certain amount of training and pass a number of tests. The tests are designed to make sure you are competent in the skills and knowledge necessary to operate large commercial vehicles responsibly. As for the training, it can be completed in a relatively short amount of time.

For more information about becoming an HGV driver, we urge you to contact us using the free phone number provided on our website. We can answer all questions as well as get you enrolled in training classes if you are ready to go. You only need to pass a routine medical exam and apply for a provisional entitlement to start the process. In no time at all, you could be looking for work as a professional driver in the haulage or transport industries!


The Telegraph – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/weather/10642077/HGV-drivers-call-for-ban-on-driving-in-high-winds.html


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