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When a new driver is taking his or her LGV test in the hopes of getting their commercial licence, the last thing they are thinking about is becoming a victim of a fraudulent ‘cash for crash’ scheme involving other drivers trying to rip off insurance companies. In fact, they have probably received only minimal training relating to such schemes, if any at all. Moreover, because drivers are often ill prepared for these type of incidents, one insurance company has decided it needs to do something to protect itself.

Transport Engineer recently reported that Just Fleet has become the first UK insurance broker to decide to install front mounted cameras on every commercial vehicle they insure. They have teamed up with Intelligent Telematics to create a system that will provide 24-hour remote monitoring of the sophisticated camera equipment, along with real-time notifications and updated data within 15 minutes of any incident.

Just Fleet believes the new system will minimise the risk of ‘cash for crash’ incidents because video and data evidence will be able to more easily prove insurance fraud. In so doing, they hope to reduce their long-term exposure to claims resulting from fraudulent accidents. If they succeed, they expect to be able to pass on the savings to customers by way of lower premiums.

A Real Problem

Just Fleet has implemented their new surveillance and monitoring system in response to a very real problem that has only grown worse over the years. The problem manifests itself in one of two ways: LGV drivers who are innocent victims of ‘cash for crash’ perpetrators, and incidents in which drivers conspire with other perpetrators to conduct what is known as a 50/50 crash. Both scenarios constitute insurance fraud that only serves to increase rates for all drivers.

Commercial vehicles are especially prone to these types of accidents because their size and weight make them difficult to manoeuver. They become easy victims to scammers who know insurance companies would rather settle then go to court. Hopefully the system put in place by Just Fleet will make a real difference.

Becoming an LGV Driver

At the HGV Training Centre, there is not much we can do to reduce the number of ‘cash for crash’ accidents occurring on UK roads. Nevertheless, we can continue to offer the finest training available to individuals who desire to become commercial drivers. If you are interested in driving an LGV professionally, the process is rather simple:

  1. Pass a routine medical exam; apply for provisional entitlement.
  2. Study for and pass the LGV theory test.
  3. Complete a series of training classes with the HGV Training Centre.
  4. Take and pass your final practical skills LGV test.

Provided you already have a full car licence, you can start the process that will eventually lead to your LGV test as soon as you are ready. We have more than 45 testing facilities around UK all staffed with professionals who want to see you succeed as a commercial driver. Contact us for more information.


Transport Engineer – http://www.transportengineer.org.uk/transport-engineer-news/insurance-broker-to-fit-vehicle-cameras-to-cut-bogus-claims/59686/


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