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The unsettling story of a Bilsthorpe HGV driver involved in a crash in mid-March (2015) should be a reminder to HGV drivers everywhere. What is that reminder? It is that professional drivers have very good reason to be careful in their own cars, above and beyond the universal concerns of safety and courtesy. The story is a reminder that a crash could cost the HGV driver his/her job.

The driver, whom we have chosen not to name in this blog post, crashed his Vauxhall Corsa early in the morning on March 15. Although the man was able to get out of the car unscathed, police arrived to find it engulfed in flames. One of their first tasks was to test the driver for alcohol.

It turns out that the amount of alcohol in his system was three times the legal limit. The driver told police he had spent the day playing golf and drinking with friends before falling asleep early that same evening. He believed he was fit to drive after waking from his nap. Unfortunately, he was wrong. As a result, he has received a two-year driving ban that will likely cost him his job.

You see, the 51-year-old man is a class 1 HGV driver. Now that he has been banned for two years though, he obviously cannot continue working in that capacity. His employer is under no obligation to keep him on the payroll either. Because of a day of bad decisions, this man has lost both his car and his means of earning a living. Without doing any damage to his employer’s vehicles or property, he has significantly altered his life and career for the worse.

Driving a Privilege

We cannot stress enough the fact that driving is a privilege that brings with it certain responsibilities. Furthermore, the responsibilities are greater for HGV drivers. Those who sit behind the wheels of large commercial vehicles have an added responsibility to the law and basic safety procedures in order to protect the public, their employers, and themselves. These responsibilities extend to operation of personal vehicles as well.

The good news from Bilsthorpe is that no one was injured or killed in the March 15 accident. However, consider what might have happened had the driver in question made it home safely. Would he have been willing to drive his work lorry the next morning? It is an important question to consider given the fact that a driver can still be influenced by alcohol for up to 24 hours after drinking.

As a leading provider of HGV driver training in the UK, the HGV Training Centre makes every effort to ensure our students understand the responsibilities that come with professional driving. We believe our focus on safety and legal compliance is one of the factors that help us produce some of the best HGV drivers in the business. We would be honoured to provide the training you need to enhance your career.


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