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Commercial drivers and their employers are set to receive new load securing guidance thanks to a publication put forth in a joint effort between the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and industry partners. The guidance applies to operators, LGV, and HGV drivers, and anyone else transporting loads that could potentially fall from moving vehicles.

According to HGV UK, there were 22,000 road impact accidents in the UK in 2013 related to objects falling from vehicles. The vast majority of these accidents involved commercial vehicles with loads that were not secured properly. The DVSA’s guidance directly addresses the issue with information about the following:

HGV UK further reported that as many as 2,000 bans were issued by the DVSA in 2013, against vehicles with loads that present potential safety risks. A quick mathematical calculation clearly shows that issuing bans are ineffective, on its own, as a means of preventing accidents caused by insecure loads. The DVSA is hopeful that the new guidance will improve things dramatically.

Ultimately, LGV and HGV drivers are responsible for their loads from the moment transport begins to the moment cargo is unloaded by the receiver. However, training both drivers and operators in proper procedures for load securement allows the burden to be shared across multiple levels. Now it is a matter of educating operators and drivers about the availability of the new guidance.

Part of the Job

The job of commercial driver involves more than just moving a truck from one location to the next. Proper load securement is also part of the job, and a crucial one at that. LGV and HGV drivers need to secure loads in order to protect other drivers, their employers, shippers and receivers, and even themselves. Proper load securement is a critical part of protecting the best interests of everyone in the supply chain.

Load securement is something we deal with at the HGV Training Centre. We will be looking at the new guidance to see how we can improve the training we offer to both LGV and HGV drivers. Our goal is to ensure that each student that completes training with us goes on to be a safe and productive driver throughout his or her entire career.

The HGV Training Centre offers a variety of training options for commercial drivers. We can train you to drive vans, box trucks, tipper trucks, articulated lorries, buses, coaches, and heavy equipment. We also have training programmes for non-professionals that tow caravans, utility trailers, or horsebox trailers. Our training programmes are affordable and conveniently located at more than 45 facilities throughout the UK.

We do what we do because we believe that a well-trained driver is a safe and productive driver. If we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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