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Prior to increasing speed limits for HGVs on dual carriageways, it was assumed that the HGV would be the slowest vehicle on the road at any given time. Such is no longer the case. And at least one organisation is warning its members to pay attention to the speed limit changes and how those changes might affect them.

The British Historic Vehicles Clubs (BHVC) recently published a reminder on its Facebook page about the increased speed limit for HGVs on dual carriageways. The increase applies to lorries, tipper trucks, box trucks, and a number of other commercial vehicles that were previously restricted to a slower speed of 50 mph. The problem for some owners of older classic cars is that 60 mph can be at the top end of their speed range. That means HGVs can now keep pace with them on dual carriageways.

The Freight Transport Association has also weighed in on the topic by asking all of its members to be cognisant of what the speed limit increase means to others on the road. As the BHVC explains, most classic cars should be able to keep up with the 60 mph pace without problem, but that is not true in every case. There may be some older classics and motorbikes that simply cannot go that fast because of their age and technology.

Should it turn out that the drivers of such classics now become the slowest vehicles on the road, there are plenty of implications in terms of safety. It may be better for classic car owners to either avoid dual carriageways during peak travel times or stay to the left. HGV drivers should also be reminded during regular driver meetings to pay attention for slower vehicles. They can no longer assume they will be the slowest on the road.

Learn to Drive Safely

If everyone does his or her part to contribute to safe roads, the increased speed limits for HGVs will be a positive thing. At the HGV Training Centre, we urge you to do your part by learning to drive safely. We are one of the UK’s leading driver training companies, offering classes for a full range of commercial and non-commercial vehicles. We train drivers of lorries, box trucks, heavy construction equipment, tipper trucks, buses and coaches, horseboxes, forklifts, and even caravans. If you need to learn to drive it, we can probably teach you.

Our instructional philosophy is centred on the belief that a fast-paced approach, concentrating only on the necessary information, is the best way to help our students learn and retain. Our 92% first-time pass rate for the PCV theory test demonstrates that our teaching philosophy is successful. We invite you to contact us to learn more.

The HGV may no longer be the slowest vehicle on the road thanks to speed limit increases implemented by the government. We encourage you to drive safely, regardless of whether you are a professional or not.


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