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Male workers have traditionally dominated the transport and logistics industries. The physical and intimidating nature of the work has seen to that. However, that does not mean females cannot succeed alongside their male counterparts. The Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) annual Everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards is proof. The awards recognise the accomplishments of females in the industry as well as encouraging more HGV drivers and managers to come on board.

The most recent awards were presented by the FTA in London, accompanied by Parliamentary Under Secretary for Transport, Andrew Jones MP. Winners spanned a long list of categories and a full range of employers including DHL, London Underground, and the Royal Navy. The 2015 awards included:

According to HGV UK, approximately 2.2 million people are employed in the transport and logistics industries. Less than 25% are female. Organisations such as the FTA are working hard to change that by educating the public that transport and logistics work is equally accessible to women. These organisations know that women are capable of making significant contributions that will help lead transport and logistics into the future. The Everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards is a big part of getting more women involved.

It Starts with Training

We offer our heartfelt congratulations to all the 2015 winners of the Everywoman awards. We can only imagine how hard the winners worked throughout the year to contribute to the success of their individual employers. That kind of hard work and dedication makes us all proud to be part of the transport and logistics industries.

Having said that, we believe a successful career for HGV drivers and managers begins with proper training. This is the primary reason we work so hard to make sure our training solutions meet or exceed all industry standards and legal requirements. It is our goal to produce the safe, competent, and productive drivers that transport and haulage companies need to succeed, both now and in the future.

The HGV Training Centre is well respected in the UK for the PCV and HGV drivers that graduate via our centre. Our drivers spend time in the classroom obtaining the knowledge they need to pass all of their tests. That book knowledge is further enhanced by behind-the-wheel experience under the tutelage of one of our expert trainers. Upon completion of our training, students are more than ready to enter the working world.

We invite you to join the ranks of HGV drivers, regardless of your gender. There are openings all across the country for both men and women willing to train and work hard.


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