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William received his HGV training in Middlesex more than five years ago. He remembers very clearly the time spent on learning about driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Yet his training did not help him when he was caught driving drunk on a UK motorway earlier this summer.

According to a recent report by HGVUK.com, William’s experience is a lot more common than many of us would like to believe. As the summer drags on and people get together for more activities that involve social drinking, lorry drivers and other HGV operators are driving drunk without even realising it.

The problem, according to the folks at one prominent accident investigation company, is that many professional drivers really do not understand how long alcohol can remain in the system. They may consume their last drink early in the evening yet still suffer the effects of it after waking up the next day. This ‘morning after effect’, as it’s called, means it is not uncommon for individuals over the drink-drive limit to be on the road.

The government’s THINK! program is one of the tools designed to help reduce the number of impaired drivers on the roads. Their website offers a lot of useful information individuals and employers can use for educational purposes. The idea of the program is to change attitudes about drink driving through education.

Being involved in a drink driving accident can obviously result in serious injuries and/or death. It can also mean the loss of your job. Nevertheless, it goes further than that. Other consequences include:

Drive Safe at All Times

The HGV Training Centre believes in the principle of driving safely at all times. We suggest all professional drivers refrain from alcohol completely if they are required to report for work within the next 24 hours. Because it is so difficult to determine how alcohol will affect each individual, it’s simply better to avoid it altogether when you know you have to work.

Whether you receive your HGV training in Middlesex or one of the other locations, you’ll quickly find out that we diligently stress safety among our drivers. We do not want anyone receiving training from us to be a potential danger on the road.

If you are thinking about a new career as an HGV driver, it is a good choice. Driving professionally is a way to see new places and meet plenty of people. It is the ideal career choice for individuals who find it difficult to sit in a cubicle or work on a manufacturing line. But it is also a career that requires plenty of self-discipline and motivation.

We cannot help you with those last two qualities, but we can provide you with excellent training. If you are ready to get started, be sure to contact us as soon as possible. We’ll see you through every step of the way.


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