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BBC presenter Alex Jones took the opportunity of a recent One Show episode to tell her guests and co-host of her latest venture, leading to plenty of questions about the HGV/LGV provisional licence. Apparently, Jones is getting ready to learn how to drive large commercial vehicles. She just received her provisional licence and is ready to begin training.

A provisional licence is a temporary licence that enables a new driver to begin practical skills training in anticipation of eventual full licencing. In order to earn a provisional licence, the driver must have a car licence and pass a routine physical. A 100-question theory test must also be taken and passed prior to beginning practical skills training.

There are no exceptions to the provisional licence rule for drivers that want to earn a full commercial licence. As far as the differences between the HGV and LGV provisional licence, there are few to worry about. Things are different for someone attempting to earn a PCV licence. Those drivers must learn some extra information to account for the fact that their ‘cargo’ consists of live passengers.

Wales Online reports that the cost of the HGV/LGV provisional licence is minimal at about £50. The routine medical exam costs about £100 or so. As for the practical skills training, how much a new driver spends depends on the training company he/she chooses. At the HGV Training Centre, we offer affordable training that can be financed if you qualify.

Jones has not said whether she will give up presenting in order to drive a truck or bus. Somehow, it’s hard to believe that she would turn away her current salary and fame to spend her days working in a lorry. However, should she choose to become a full-time driver, Wales Online reports an average salary of about £600 per week. That’s not bad for a job that also offers excellent stability, daily challenges, and a certain amount of freedom.

Getting Your Provisional License

Anyone can apply for an HGV/LGV provisional licence provided he or she already possess a full car licence and is in reasonably good health. Passing the theory test is another matter. It is not terribly difficult, but some drivers may have trouble if they attempt to prepare for the test on their own. That is why the HGV Training Centre offers preparatory classes for students that want them. Approximately 92% of those that take our classes pass the theory test the first time.

If you’ve been thinking about a career as a professional lorry or bus driver, it all starts with the provisional licence. If you would like more information about how the process works, do not hesitate to contact the HGV Training Centre. Part of what we do is to offer as much assistance as new drivers need to get through the process. We are more than happy to sign you up for our training classes and ensure all of your paperwork is submitted correctly. Call now for more details.


Wales Online – https://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/film-news/alex-jones-one-show-hgv-8917663


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