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March 25 (2015) was a historic day in Bristol. It was the day when the much touted ‘poo bus’ finally rolled out of its garage and onto city streets to handle the Service 2 line. The technologically advanced bus is powered by biomethane gas produced from a combination of raw sewage and food waste. So, what is the PCV training cost for learning to operate the bus? Actually, it is no different from training for any other bus.

First West of England revealed the new bus last year. It was unofficially dubbed the ‘poo bus’ because human waste is used in concert with food waste to produce the necessary fuel. The idea behind the technology is to take material that would otherwise be itself wasted and turn it into a green fuel, so to speak. Residents of Bristol get the first shot at the bus because it is their sewage and waste that provides most of the biomethane fuel.

First West of England is taking it all in stride, having covered the bus with a vinyl wrap that features a mural consisting of five individuals sitting on the loo as they read, knit, surf the net, etc. All humour aside, however, the company is hoping passengers are not turned away due to the company’s choice of fuels. If the bus receives a good reception, First West of England plans to introduce more of them.

During the initial roll-out, they will be offering reduced fares for a limited time. The bus will traverse the 15-mile route of the Service 2 line multiple times per day until the company determines whether it is a success or not. Good support among city residents will result in more ‘poo buses’ rolling out.

An entire fleet of such buses could become a tourist attraction of sorts. As double-decker sightseeing buses are synonymous with the streets of London, the lowly ‘poo bus’ could become a Bristol symbol that draws visitors from far and wide. We will have to wait and see.

Bus Driver Training

As interesting as the new Bristol bus happens to be, the reality is that it is no different from any other bus from the perspective of the driver. The PCV training necessary to drive the bus would be no different either. At the HGV Training Centre, we provide that training at an affordable cost.

Our training consists of preparing students for the PCV theory test, which, upon passing, enables the student to continue with practical skills training. All of our training is focused on teaching students only those things they need to know in order to pass their tests. Our concentrated and intense training approach has proven successful for more than 90% of our students.

For more information about the PCV training cost or the location of our nearest facility, please contact the HGV Training Centre by telephone or through this website. We are ready to get you behind the wheel.


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