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A new solar farm sounded like a good idea when Sun Edison and Solar Planning Ltd first proposed the idea to Wiltshire Council. Now though, it turns out that the locals are not very happy with the idea. The proposed farm, to be located at Little Chatfield, would require a fleet of HGVs routinely bringing in supplies during the construction phase. Local residents are not convinced the road system can handle the sustained traffic of such heavy vehicles.


One resident recently told the council that passenger vehicles already have to negotiate one another to pass on the local country lanes. He does not see how HGVs will manage. He also believes traffic generated by the construction of the solar farm will cause the roads to break down. Wiltshire councillor Terry Chivers and Atworth Parish council clerk Mitch Roberts agree.


Alison Hall, the Wiltshire Council planning officer maintains that there will be little cumulative impact on the local area resulting from construction of the solar farm. That has not stopped the council from agreeing to pay a visit directly to the site to see the potential impact for themselves. No final approval decision will be rendered until all of the questions are definitively answered. If the plan is approved, the Little Chatfield farm will be the seventh such farm in the local area.

The Price of Progress

Observing what is happening in Wiltshire reminds us of the price of progress. On the one hand, the UK is working hard to be a world leader in renewable energy sources that include solar farms such as those similar to what is planned for Little Chatfield. On the other hand, local residents do not want the area spoiled by either HGV traffic or the farm itself. Just for the record, a number of residents complained about not wanting any more solar farms located nearby.

The problem is that developers need open space to build renewable energy projects. Oftentimes the road systems leading to and from those spaces were not originally built to withstand HGV traffic. Something has to give. Either roads have to be improved, damage has to be allowed and then repaired, or the push for renewable energy has to slow down. Since the third choice is not likely to happen, one of the other two needs to be considered for each new project.

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