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When the passengers on a London-bound Megabus realised their driver was being pulled over by police 50 miles north of Barcelona, many likely thought it would be a minor inconvenience that would have them back on their way in a few minutes. It didn’t work out that way. The driver was arrested, leaving the multinational passengers stranded for hours.

Official news reports say the driver was arrested for using a tachograph card that did not belong to him. Meanwhile, the police called the Megabus office in London to see if they would send a replacement driver. Hours went by before passengers started receiving text messages saying a new driver would not be coming. Most of the passengers arranged for taxi service to nearby hotels, but 10 ended up spending the night on the bus before being taken to a railway station by local police.

The police claim there was never any effort on the part of Megabus to help stranded passengers above and beyond the offer to pay for any additional expenses they incurred for the inconvenience. They also say that they rarely encounter situations where passengers are stranded for so long. Most of the time, detaining a driver results in the coach operator sending a replacement very quickly.

Megabus officials defended their actions, saying they did send a replacement coach that provided transport to all of the passengers that had not already made other arrangements. They also claim their driver is innocent. They allege he had all of the appropriate documentation and identification, and had not exceeded his allowed hours of driving.

With conflicting stories on both sides, it is quite likely that the truth is somewhere in the middle. However, that is a little relief for the passengers who were left scrambling to make other arrangements. Unfortunately, it looks as if the local police and Megabus worked together to ruin the holidays of many people.

Your Coach Driving Career

We want to point out that the vast majority of coach drivers will never experience something like this during their careers. Drivers who follow the law and drive safely will enjoy a career that includes seeing new places and meeting some wonderful people. It is a career well worth considering if you like the challenge of driving.

In order to be a professional coach driver, you have to have a valid PCV (passenger carrying vehicle) licence. You can earn your PCV licence through the HGV Training Centre in a matter of weeks. All it takes to get started is a full car licence and the ability to pass a routine medical exam.

At the HGV Training Centre, we can help you through every step of the training and testing process. From preparing you for the PCV theory test to providing the best practical skills training in the business, we can prepare you to be a top-notch coach driver providing excellent service to passengers travelling throughout Europe. Contact us for more information about classes in your area.


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