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Every now and again, there’s a news story that reminds us the victims of road crashes do not always have to be human. Such was the case after an accident last week on the A 303 near Hampshire. According to the BBC, a vehicle towing a horse trailer collided with a lorry, causing the trailer to overturn.

When rescue crews arrived the back door of the trailer had to be cut away to allow animal rescue specialists inside. They were able to release nine of the 10 animals, but one had died because of the accident. Two more had to be put down on the scene due to injuries deemed too extensive. Fortunately, the other horses as well as both drivers escaped largely unscathed.

Hampshire police are still investigating the accident at this time. As such, it’s not clear if either of the drivers was directly at fault. It could be that one, or both, were driving responsibly. It could also be that both were being as safe as possible while some extraneous circumstance caused the crash.

In either case, driving a vehicle while towing a horse trailer brings with it the added responsibility of caring for the animals. It is also something that requires some extra training and experience.

When you are driving a horsebox or towing a horse trailer you always have to keep in mind that the cargo you are hauling is alive. The horses will move as you travel; they are directly affected by every cornering manoeuvre, acceleration and deceleration, and application of the brakes. Keeping horses both safe and comfortable can be tricky at times.

Protect Horses with Training

The best way to protect horses during transport is to receive proper training before towing a trailer or operating a horsebox. The HGV Training Centre is proud to provide such training to both individual and company drivers. We know what it takes to operate a horse trailer safely and efficiently.

Depending on the size of your trailer and when you got your car licence originally, you may not need an additional entitlement for towing a horse trailer. However, most UK drivers will. If you are not sure of the requirements, you can visit the GOV.UK website or get in touch with us. We can let you know what’s required in your circumstances.

If you care to train with us, the HGV Training Centre has more than 45 locations around the country. Each facility is staffed with professionals who have the experience and knowledge to make sure you are trained properly. Our goal is to make sure you are prepared to pass your practical skills test the first time around.

When you train at one of our facilities, we’ll teach you how to properly hook and unhook your trailer, perform a routine safety inspection prior to pulling away, and safely manoeuvre your horse trailer in traffic and while parking. By the time you finish your classes, you’ll be fully prepared to hit the road.


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