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Under current regulations, HGV drivers looking to make deliveries in London are restricted to operating during weekday business hours. Lorries are not allowed on London streets during overnight hours or on weekends. Critics of the regulations say they increase city traffic during business hours and result in greater potential for accidents; especially accidents with pedestrians and cyclists.

The Freight Transportation Association (FTA) is calling on officials to revisit overnight delivery restrictions in light of the very successful delivery schedule implemented for last year’s London Olympic Games. The FTA’s position follows on the heels of a report recently released by Transport for London (TfL). The TfL report comes nearly a year after the Olympic and Paralympic games, which overtook England’s capital last summer. The report noted the efficiency and safety of out-of-hours deliveries made during that time.

In a companion report, the FTA expanded on the TfL report to provide real, meaningful solutions to traffic problems in London. The organisation estimates London’s population could swell by more than 1 million residents within the next 20 years, putting even more stress on the current system. Anything that can reduce the problems associated with traffic congestion, including allowing lorries to deliver at night, will help.

HGV Training Is Essential

Regardless of whether or not the restrictions remain in place, HGV training is essential to ensure the safe operation of lorries and other large vehicles on London streets. Keeping in mind that the age of the city dictates city streets were never intended for such large vehicles, special attention needs to be paid when travelling in London. It is a completely different environment altogether.

HGV drivers who train with the HGV Training Centre learn about the special and unique circumstances of city driving. We teach our drivers how to safely manoeuvre their vehicles, how to identify potential hazards, and how to share the road with pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers of other vehicles.

The HGV Training Centre offers classes in London as well as at more than 40 other locations throughout the country. We are the largest and most-respected training centre in the UK because we do things right. We employ a fast-paced and intense training regimen designed to prepare our drivers for their tests. Our method of training ensures the greatest chances of passing tests the first time around.

If you need commercial or private training, the HGV Training Centre offers classes for the following types of vehicles:

We pride ourselves on helping each of our clients through every step of the process. From the initial medical exam all the way to the practical skills test, one of our trained professionals will be with you at every juncture. And if you’re a fleet manager or business owner, we offer all of our services on a company-wide basis as well.


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