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Being able to drive a van professionally is one of the most versatile skills you can learn, and means you can effectively design your own working life just as it suits you.  Almost everything that is transported across the UK or Europe is take by road, and most likely delivered by a van of some size. This means that jobs are constant, because there is a never-ending need to take goods around by road for one reason or another.


What does a van driver do?

Van drivers are chiefly responsible for driving a load from one place to another, that’s their primary aim. But depending on the sort of driver they are, they may also find themselves stocktaking, helping with loading and unloading, assembling what they’ve just delivered, or handling the logistics of planning a long route overseas. Delivery drivers will need to track packages and be responsible for getting all relevant paperwork signed, while roadies who are also tour drivers will find themselves shifting music equipment in another out of venues every night. Drivers can also be casual and make themselves available for general hire, as long as they have their own vehicle, meaning they can work only the jobs they want to do.

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How much can a van driver earn?

To start out with, a casual van driver might earn around £17,000, but this can rise to as much as £31,000 depending on the type of load they carry, and the responsibility they take on while driving, as well as the distances they travel.

What licence does a van driver need?

Drivers of all kinds of vans can get their start with just a category C1 licence. This gives them a great amount of flexibility with their work because it enables them to drive a versatile size of van. Vans they can drive with this licence range from a small car to a 3.5 tonne commercial vehicle. To know more about CAT C1 licence & cost of the course please call us on 08000315765 .

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What personal qualities make a good van driver?

A good van driver should enjoy his or her time on the road, and enjoy helping people to get a job done. They should be organised and trustworthy, as well as a patient driver who won’t put the safety of their load at risk. Good communication skills will help to make sure everything is understood and agreed in advance, and schedules are kept to.  A good standard of maths also helps with the various weight regulations, scheduling and cash aspects of the job.


Having a good working knowledge of the area you want to cover can also be a huge benefit. If you don’t have this, then being technologically proficient enough to use map apps will help.  And if you’re driving abroad, a second language can come in extremely handy, even though it’s not necessarily vital. You should also be happy to complete a lot of paperwork and organise your own time so you can keep track of the job, both for yourself and for your clients.


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