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It is strange how superstitions can affect the way that we perceive things. For example, there are many otherwise competent commercial drivers convinced that Friday the 13th is the most dangerous day to be on the roads. However, it is not. According to the Gauntlet Group, statistics shows that professional drivers are no more likely to have an accident on a Friday the 13th than any other day. There is a reason this superstition is not covered by either the PCV or LGV theory test: it is not real.

The Gauntlet Group is an insurance provider covering commercial fleets across the UK. It recently addressed the Friday the 13th superstition by analysing claims data over the last several years. It says that less than one-half of 1% of all of their claims is the result of accidents occurring on Friday the 13th. The Group says drivers need not be worried that the calendar date coming up in just a couple of days is any less safe to be on the road.

Furthermore, Gauntlet reminds drivers there are far more important things to worry about than the calendar date. It stresses the fact that driver behaviour, fatigue, and unsafe equipment are more likely to cause accidents than any twist of fate. The Group is urging drivers always to be at their best and to pay close attention to vehicle maintenance schedules. We could not agree more.

Beware of Psychological Effects

Despite the statistical data, Gauntlet does acknowledge the fact that it is possible to increase the chances of being involved in an accident by convincing yourself that Friday the 13th is a more risky day to drive. In light of that, we would encourage commercial drivers to be very careful of the psychological effects of superstition. There is no need to be excessively anxious to the point of not driving with complete confidence.

As a professional, you have taken the PCV or LGV theory test followed by hours of practical skills training to prepare you to work as a commercial driver. Rely on that training to ensure your safety. There is no reason for you to allow superstition to interfere with the knowledge and skill you already possess. Your safety on Friday the 13th relies just as much on your knowledge and skill as it does any other day of the year.

The HGV Training Centre is happy to offer PCV or LGV training if you are hoping to earn a commercial driving licence. Our training can include preparations for the theory test in addition to practical skills training, or you can study and prepare for the theory test on your own. In either case, 92% of our students pass their tests the first time.

Our training classes are conducted at more than 45 facilities located around the UK. That means it is likely there is a facility near you. Please contact us for more information about earning your PCV or LGV licence. We are ready to get you going.


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