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HGV and PCV drivers must undergo 35 hours of CPC driver training every five years to maintain their licences. That training demonstrates that an individual driver possesses the necessary competency to operate heavy commercial vehicles safely. In light of a recent driver survey involving red ‘X’ signs, it seems that the training should include a refresher of fundamental legal rules.

Fleet News UK reports on a survey conducted by the Highways Agency that found far too many drivers do not know what a red X means. The Agency questioned more than 4,100 by way of their National Road User Survey regarding a number of basic road rules. The survey results showed that 32% of drivers do not know what a red X means when displayed on a motorway. Among the 68% who did acknowledge knowing what it meant, fewer than 10% said they would stop or switch lanes. One wonders if the greater community of HGV and PCV drivers mirror the general results of the Highways Agency survey.

A red X means that a lane is closed ahead. On a motorway or carriageway, a red X would dictate either a lane change or an immediate stop. Failure to obey the red X warning is against the law and could result in significant penalties were a motorist is caught.

The use of the red X is the direct result of the implementation of smart roadways in the UK. These roadways are motorways on which the hard shoulder has been converted to a travel lane or is open to general traffic during periods of high congestion. A displayed red X indicates a broken down vehicle, accident, or another obstruction preventing traffic from continuing to flow. Not minding a red X could mean serious injuries or death.

Knowing the Basic Rules

Driving safely starts with knowing the basic rules of the road. This is true for both commercial and private drivers alike. Where HGV and PCV drivers are concerned, knowing and following the basic rules of the road is vital to one’s employment. Too many infractions or accidents are a good way to find oneself quickly out of work.

At the HGV Training Centre, instruction in the basic rules of the road is a standard part of our training. We teach our students their legal obligations so that they always know where they stand in the eyes of the law. Furthermore, we encourage them to maintain legal compliance at all times. Following the rules make for a safer road for everyone.

If you need individual training to earn your commercial driving licence, or you are a fleet manager looking for CPC driver training for your employees, we can help. We offer a full range of training classes to meet every commercial driving need. We are a leading provider of driver training in the UK offering classes at more than 45 facilities. We can train you to drive any commercial vehicle safely, productively and efficiently.


Fleet News UK – https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/2015/3/11/drivers-unaware-of-risk-of-driving-in-red-x-lanes/55110/


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