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When a new operator undergoes counterbalance forklift training, there is one aspect that, until now, has remained the domain of experience, intuition, and raw skill. Of course, we are referring to adjusting the tilt angle when approaching a load. However, thanks to an invention from a veteran forklift driver, all of the guesswork has been taken out of fork angling.

According to a Materials World Handling Magazine story published on November 19, forklift operator and inventor Anthony Cook has devised a completely mechanical device that allows forklift drivers to determine the correct tilt angle of forks without error, every time. The device uses gravity rather than electronic instrumentation.

Cook’s experience as a forklift operator made him realise there was a definite need for his device. The very design of counterbalance forklift trucks makes it impossible for operators to know for sure what the correct tilt angle should be when approaching a load. Experience and skill can go a long way, but they are not perfect. When an operator gets the tilt angle incorrect the result could be a damaged forklift, damaged racking, an improperly balanced load or even a tragic accident.

With the new device installed on a counterbalance forklift, the operator can use the visual information supplied by the tilt angle indicator to adjust his forks as he approaches a load. The device consists of little more than an indicator weight and a wire linkage. The simplicity of the design means the device is very inexpensive; it can also be retrofitted to any forklift without the need for drilling or cutting.

All Improvements Welcome

Those of us at the HGV Training Centre welcome any mechanical improvements that can make forklift operations safer. As one of the UK’s leading providers of counterbalance forklift training, we understand that it’s not possible to completely eliminate all of the risks involved with forklift operation, but we should always do whatever we can to make the practice as safe as possible.

We are doing our part by providing comprehensive and high quality training to forklift operators all over the country. We train individuals who want to increase their chances of finding a good job or take advantage of a promotion opportunity. However, we also provide corporate training to companies who want to train their currently untrained drivers.

We urge any company utilising forklifts, no matter how great or little that use is, to make sure every operator is properly trained. The risk of accidents is too high otherwise. It should be obvious that properly trained drivers will be safer drivers in the long run.

Our counterbalance forklift training involves a number of skills, including operating in tight spaces, being safe around other workers and equipment, loading and unloading cargo correctly, proper load balancing, driving on uneven surfaces, and more. Graduates of our training program are more than capable of operating a forklift safely in any environment. Please get in touch with us today for all of your counterbalance forklift training needs.


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