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Anyone who operates an LGV or HGV for a living knows that there is more to it than simply getting behind the wheel and pressing the accelerator. To be both efficient and safe, drivers need to plan their routes properly. Furthermore, their route planning needs to take into account a long list of things, including traffic patterns, weight restrictions, height restrictions, speed limits and more.

Thanks to UK Haulier, there is now an online route planning tool drivers and fleet managers can use to plan their routes no matter where they’re driving in the UK. The tool is pretty straightforward, requiring no computer knowledge or technical skill. If you know where you are, where you are going, and the type of vehicle you are driving, the route planner can do the rest.

The release of the route-planning tool is good news for the transport and haulage industries. They have been looking for something they can use all across the UK rather than depending on individual, and often outdated, maps downloaded for sat nav devices. UK Haulier’s route planner will be kept up-to-date as much as is reasonably possible.

To use the tool one need only visit the UK Haulier website. Once there, enter your departure and destination locations and choose the options applicable to your vehicle. Press the ‘get directions’ button and your route will appear on the map. You will be able to select additional options for viewing weight, height and width restrictions or locating things like petrol stations and public toilets. It is a very thorough tool, if nothing else.

Learn to Drive with Us

At the HGV Training Centre, we teach our students everything they need to know about the skills associated with truck driving. Moreover, while we cannot identify the best routes for our eventual graduates, we can teach them how to operate LGVs and HGVs safely on public roads.

Our company is one of the leading providers of commercial driver training in the UK with more than 45 facilities to choose from. We offer individual training to drivers wishing to learn how to operate everything from coaches and buses to heavy construction equipment to articulated lorries. Horseboxes and forklifts are also vehicles we train for.

Company owners and fleet managers find our services useful in training their company drivers as well. Whether it’s new driver training, remedial training, or the now-mandated CPC training, we offer it all to companies in the haulage and transport industry.

We want to remind you of the new CPC requirements for all commercial drivers in the UK. PCV operators were required to complete CPC training by 10 September 2013. HGV operators have an additional year. We recommend, however, that you do not wait until the spring to schedule your training. The closer we get to the deadline, the more difficult it will be to find open class space. Without CPC certification, a driver may face heavy fines or loss of employment. So don’t wait.


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