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In conjunction with Ireland’s October Bank Holiday, the Road Safety Authority asked drivers last Friday (25 October) to recognise and observe ‘National Slow Down Day’ to promote road safety. October 25 was chosen for two specific reasons, the first being average Friday accident rates.

According to HGV Ireland, 20% of all road crashes resulting in fatalities occur on Fridays. Of that number, 28% occur between 2 and 6 PM. The National Slow Down Day initiative put a special emphasis on last Friday’s evening rush hour.

The other reason for choosing October 25 is the belief that commercial drivers tend to be less diligent about road safety in the hours leading up to a long holiday weekend. The Freight Transportation Association Ireland, which was in full support of last week’s event, told HGV Ireland that concentration among professional drivers was likely to wane on Friday afternoon. Therefore, anything that would help them become more aware of speed and road conditions was helpful.

From 7 AM Friday through until 7 AM Saturday, the Road Safety Authority urged every car, motorcycle and LGV driver to slow down and leave more space between vehicles. They emphasised the idea that it’s better to get to your destination later than expected than to not arrive at all. That’s sage advice no matter the type of vehicle you drive.

Friday afternoon traffic can be difficult under normal circumstances, but throw in the start of a holiday weekend and things easily get worse. Those still working are trying to finish up for the day while those who are already done are hurrying home to begin enjoying the holiday. This makes for impatient and anxious drivers who might otherwise be very careful.

Greater Responsibility for Commercial Drivers

The LGV driver is at a decided disadvantage in heavy traffic due to the size and weight of his/her vehicle. They must practice an extra measure of diligence in order to avoid being in an accident. LGV driver training plays a huge role in safety under such circumstances, but so does a conscious decision by drivers to slow down and be more patient.

The HGV Training Centre reminds LGV drivers everywhere of their responsibility toward public safety. Because large, commercial vehicles can be so deadly, each driver must do what he or she can to avoid accidents at all cost. In the hours leading up to a holiday, extra care is required.

As a driver-training organisation, we take our responsibilities seriously as well. Every student that comes through our doors is given comprehensive training that allows him or her to do more than just pass tests. Our training produces drivers who are thoroughly versed in the law and proper safety procedures. Upon graduation, they are more than ready for the UK workforce.

The HGV Training Centre provides commercial driver training for most professional license classes. We also offer CPC training and private training for caravans and trailers. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us for all of your training needs.


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