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A new video showing a worker from Ireland using his forklift truck training in a very creative way has made its way to the internet. The video depicts a reversing forklift carrying a car across a car park and delivering it to the other side. Apparently, the forklift operator was moving the vehicle out of the way so he and his fellow workers could get on with their jobs.

There is no indication what the worker was tasked with doing or why the Ford Focus in question was parked in their way. Nonetheless, the forklift seemed to have no problem handling the compact car. Although the video does not show the car being picked up, the forklift easily moves it to a new location before the operator sets it down.

There is also no indication as to whether or not anything was used on the undercarriage of the car to protect it from the forks during movement. There does not seem to be anything there at first glance, but that could be due to a lack of clarity and detail in the video.

Workers can be heard in the background conversing and, at one point, laughing about the incident. The conversations seem to imply that the owner of the car had no idea it was being moved, nor did he know when parking that it would be in the way of the workers. At this time, we have no way of knowing if the car owner or forklift operator have been identified and spoken to about the incident.

Major Pieces of Equipment

We can find a measure of amusement in the video only inasmuch as no one was hurt as a result of the stunt. More importantly, the video clearly shows what even small forklifts are capable of in terms of load capacity. Forklifts are pieces of major equipment that need to be treated with respect. Used improperly, a forklift can cause property damage, significant injury and, in some cases, even death.

Forklifts are designed to pick up and move heavy loads that cannot be easily handled in any other way. Although they are designed to be as safe as possible, the very nature of how forklifts work makes them inherently dangerous pieces of machinery. It is that danger that necessitates proper forklift truck training before anyone gets behind the wheel of a forklift of any size.

Proper training familiarises the operator with the basics of safe forklift use. It teaches him or her how to properly balance loads, how to operate fork controls smoothly, and how to navigate extremely tight spaces while minimising the risk of collision. A well-trained operator is as skilled with his/her forklift as the HGV driver is with his/her lorry.

The HGV Training Centre offers forklift truck training to both individuals and company operators. Upon completion of our training, students earn a certificate demonstrating their competence in forklift operation. We invite you to contact us for more information.


Daily Mail – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3184647/Workmen-use-FORKLIFT-parked-vehicle-one-car-park-way.html


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