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Every once in a while we come across a news story profiling an enterprising female who has decided to join the ranks of the UK’s HGV drivers. We ran across one such story published by The Mirror on August 30 (2014). The story was about a 26-year-old former office worker who now spends her days transporting rubbish around the UK on the back of a lorry.

The young woman from Birmingham, named Lisa, is even more unusual in that she still prefers to portray herself as a lady. She wears a pink high visibility top and hardhat, and she has not given up the regular manicure sessions that keep nails looking beautiful. She told The Mirror that beauticians are often surprised when they discover what she does for a living.

Lisa says there are times that she arrives on the job site and is greeted with scepticism and doubt. Some job site managers want to know if there is another driver that can take her place. However, she says the best way to silence them is to simply show them what she can do. Once they realise she can manoeuvre her truck as well as her male counterparts can, she usually has no further problems.

This story of an office worker turned lorry driver is important inasmuch as it demonstrates how wide open the commercial driving field is. Anyone with a full car licence and some ambition can undergo driver training on the way to a rewarding career. More ladies, just as Lisa, are discovering this every day.

We Can Train You

Here at the HGV Training Centre, we encourage you to consider joining the ranks of HGV drivers yourself. It is a great career choice for young people just starting out as well as older workers starting over due to redundancy. Why should you consider it? Here are four reasons:

  1. Driver Shortages – The UK is currently in the midst of a severe driver shortage throughout the haulage industry. There are simply not enough workers to fill new jobs and replace retiring drivers. Getting your training now will open the door to a long and stable career.
  2. Good Pay – You can earn a very good living as a professional driver. Whether you work as a company driver or an independent contractor, how much you earn is up to you and your willingness to work hard.
  3. Daily Challenges – One of the things professional drivers constantly talk about are the daily challenges that keep their work interesting. Working behind the wheel of an HGV is certainly a lot different from sitting behind a computer all day.
  4. Short Training – At the HGV Training Centre, we can have you trained and ready for your practical skills test in a matter of weeks. Some others take months or years to prepare for it. Professional driving is one career that you can get to very quickly.

What are you waiting for? Contact the HGV Training Centre and get started on your new career today.


The Mirror – https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/meet-britains-girliest-trucker-pretty-4133112


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