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We cannot say for certain, but we are pretty sure that the law on towing in Spain does not make it okay to transport a large van from a scrap yard by stacking it on top of a Ford Focus. Apparently, though, that doesn’t matter. What we described actually happened recently in Segovia in central Spain. The Telegraph has the video to prove it.

The video was shot on a smartphone by a driver passing by in another vehicle. It shows the driver slowly approaching what appears to be a dark blue Ford Focus carrying a white van balanced precariously on top. As the passing car gets closer, it is clear to see that the van is not secured in any way. You can see it rocking back and forth slightly as the Focus moves down the road.

Most surprisingly, it turns out that the Focus driver and the man who shot the video were working together on this project. Both were arrested and charged with dangerous driving. According to The Telegraph, the drivers will appear in court to answer the charges; they could face fines in excess of £350 apiece.

Technically Not Towing

The Telegraph story describes the incident as a Ford Focus towing a white van. Technically, what happened here was not towing. But it was stupid nonetheless. It is yet another demonstration of the fact that laws do not necessarily prevent people from doing dangerous things. The law on towing in Spain certainly didn’t prevent these two drivers from engaging in an exercise that could have proved deadly.

As a leading provider of driver training in the UK, the HGV Training Centre trains non-professional drivers how to tow safely. In this role, we are often asked about the law on towing and why it is necessary. One look at the Spanish video explains things entirely.

Towing a vehicle is not an easy thing to do even under the best of conditions. Drivers have to pay attention to handling challenges, other traffic on the road, adverse weather conditions, and all of the little things required to safely navigate with a trailer in tow. If anything does go wrong, drivers need the skill and knowledge to handle the issue in a way that reduces the likelihood of a serious accident.

Learn to Tow the Right Way

If you own a caravan, horsebox, or utility trailer of any size, we urge you to get proper training before you take your vehicle on the road. The same goes for experienced trailer owners who have never gone through formal training before. You can never go wrong with a class or two that teaches you to tow the right way.

At the HGV Training Centre, we offer towing classes at dozens of facilities located around the country. We can teach you how to tow correctly and safely, even if you already know what the law on towing requires of you. Do not be the next viral video we report on.


  1. Telegraph – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newsvideo/viral-video/11989496/Moment-driver-in-Spain-tows-white-van-on-top-of-Ford-Focus.html


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