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New speed cameras are being deployed across Devon and Cornwall in an attempt to track down speed violators based on vehicle class. The number one target of the programme is the LGV driver operating a light goods vehicle such as the Ford Transit or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. News reports say LGVs are being targeted because they exhibit the highest average speeds on motorways and dual carriageways.

The Department for Transport says its data shows LGVs to be the biggest problem under free-flowing conditions. The speed cameras are aimed at slowing them down, making sure they stay within the 50 mph limit on dual carriageways, and 60 mph limit on motorways.

If you are the owner or fleet manager of a company with multiple LGVs on the road, you have an added reason for concern. Your company could be targeted for further investigation if more than one of your vehicles is found by speed cameras to be exceeding the speed limit. Additional investigations are designed to determine whether companies have a workplace culture that encourages routine violation of the law.

We recommend companies and fleet managers immediately put policies in place capable of consistently reminding LGV drivers about speed limits. Weekly safety meetings are one example, but there are many ways to remind drivers of their legal obligations. The point is to take every reasonable step to make sure drivers are not speeding.

More Action in the Future

Plans for Devon and Cornwall appear to be just the start of a new effort to curb speeding. The data and intelligence collected from the speed camera project will be used to develop future projects that can be used across the UK. News of the government plans makes it clear that officials intend to get serious about speed limits and commercial vehicles. There is no word yet on whether or not strategies will also be developed for passenger cars.

Your best defence against speed cameras and other enforcement actions is to comply with the law. Insofar as company drivers are concerned, remedial training is one tool available to fleet managers. Remedial training seeks to remind drivers of things they already know but tend to either forget or take for granted. It is quite impressive to see how effective remedial training is as a tool for maintaining driver compliance.

The HGV Training Centre offers remedial training as well as individual driver and CPC training. Our classes are all taught by certified professionals familiar with both the mechanics of professional driving and current regulations. We can train your entire fleet of company drivers, or just one or two.

We also offer individual driver training for new candidates looking to establish a professional driving career. We offer classes for LGVs, HGVs, PCVs, forklift trucks, and trailer towing. Completing your training with us prepares you for a long and productive career as a professional commercial driver. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about class locations and pricing.


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