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When drivers attend a typical LGV driver training session, like the ones offered by the HGV Training Centre, things like highway safety and hazard prevention are normal topics. In fact, the basic areas of learning are required to pass the LGV theory and practical skills tests. But what about the driver who works for a company with specialised equipment?

Sometimes specialised equipment requires additional training to safely operate. Such equipment can be anything from customised tractors, trailers carrying liquid or live cargo, or even construction vehicles designed to be driven off-road. With every specialised environment there is extra training needed.

That is one of the reasons why The HGV Training Centre works with corporate clients to train their drivers for their specific needs. We want drivers to be safe; not only for themselves and their families, but also for their employers and the customers they serve.

Transporting Fish over the Road

One example where specialised training might be required is that of transporting fish over the road. Quayside Distribution, based in Grimsby, knows all about transporting fresh fish from seaside docks to dozens of locations all over the UK and other parts of Europe. They use specially modified trailers to keep fish both fresh and cold.

Their specialised trailers mean drivers need to be trained in their use. The training involves two components; the first being the safe operation of the company’s lorries in the midst of shifting loads, extreme weights, and the constraints of urban driving. Transporting a lorry full of fresh fish is not as easy as it sounds.

The second component involves actually caring for the trailer and making sure it is operating properly. Most of the trailers involved in Quayside operations are refrigerated units requiring a constant watchful eye. If a cooling unit breaks down on a hot day then that could mean the end of a full load of fish. Drivers need to know how to spot problems so they can apply triage solutions until permanent repairs can be made.

An Exciting Career Choice

Opportunities like these make driving an LGV such an exciting career. When you go to work as a commercial driver, you will soon experience that there is no such thing as an “average day.” With every trip down the road, you are embarking on a brand-new adventure. In fact, it’s only boring if you let it be so.

What we offer at the HGV Training Centre is comprehensive LGV driver training that will equip you to handle the biggest vehicles on the road. We train drivers to operate lorries, coaches, buses, heavy construction equipment, horseboxes, and other vehicles.

What’s more, we will stand by you every step of the way, from filling out your paperwork to driving to the testing centre for your final practical skills test. Most of our courses are designed to be completed very quickly, as well. We believe this approach is the most effective way to ensure you pass your tests and earn your license.


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