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Late last week, a line of 18 cars and a lorry proceeded to the streets of Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire in honour of a good friend and family man who had passed away. It’s a scene normally associated with police offers and firefighters, except this procession was for a beloved former HGV driver.

The late driver was 60-year-old Chris Pratchett, a Sainsbury Rye employee who suffered a heart attack in his home in early April. The effort made by his colleagues to provide a proper send-off was emotional and moving to say the least. Equally important is the fact that transport operations manager David Brooker stepped in to organise the funeral ceremony on behalf of the family.

HGV Drivers a Close-Knit Family

We by no means intend to make light of Mr Pratchett’s passing; indeed, our thoughts are with his family and friends. However, we wanted to present this story to demonstrate to our readers what a close-knit and loyal family HGV drivers are. When one driver has any kind of trouble, everyone steps in to help. When one is hurting, the whole family is hurting.

What forms a bond of brotherhood between drivers? We believe it is the unique environment of working on the open road for one’s entire career. It is definitely a rewarding and satisfying career, but one that certainly has its share of unique challenges and difficulties. No one really knows the life of the HGV driver except other drivers themselves. That’s why the funeral procession in Hertfordshire was so impressive.

We do not know if Mr Pratchett took his HGV training in Hertfordshire or London. We do not know how much of the country he saw during his driving career. In fact, there are many things about Mr Pratchett we don’t know. But we do know he was a dedicated worker who did the industry proud – if the words and actions of his colleagues are any indication.

It is our sincere desire that readers remember stories like this rather than the many stories we hear about road crashes. We acknowledge that crashes do happen, but how many more dedicated drivers go through an entire career without a single mishap? More than have fatal crashes, that’s for sure. We hope people understand that.

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