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How severe is the commercial driver shortage in the UK? At last count, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) estimated that an additional 30,000 to 35,000 drivers are needed to meet the current demand of the haulage industry. That does not even take into account the tens of thousands of drivers required by coach and bus companies. Among the reasons cited by organisations such as the FTA is the lack of educational funding in an era when LGV licence costs could be discouraging some young drivers from getting into the industry.

The average LGV licence cost is several thousand pounds for a training course that can last anywhere from three weeks to several months. Some training companies charge less while others charge more. At any rate, several thousand pounds is quite a bit of money for a young person to come up with – especially if that young person is not already working. Making matters worse is a lack of financing options similar to that which university students have access.

A number of industry groups have been calling on the government to help address the driver shortage by offering increased funding for training. The government has responded by saying it is committed to finding a solution, although this year’s budget announcement did not provide any concrete details as to how the funding question might be addressed. That is not good news for either the haulage industry or training companies such as the HGV Training Centre.

Fortunately, we can offer financial assistance through a funding partner. This partnership enables us to get new drivers into the system through affordable loans they can use to pay for their training. The loans can be paid off once the driver gets to work. We encourage young people who might be apprehensive about the LGV licence cost to contact us for more information about financing.

Other Contributing Factors

It seems to us that there are other contributing factors beyond just the cost of LGV training. For example, commercial driving has long been viewed by our culture as an occupation last resort. If you cannot afford university and have nowhere else to go, then get your commercial driver licence and earn a living that way. Only now are we beginning to understand how important commercial driving is to the strength of the economy.

Another issue the government needs to address is the burdensome regulation the haulage industry is saddled with. LGV drivers have a long list of strict rules they need to adhere to in order to remain in compliance with the law. Some of the rules are legitimate and necessary. Others are far too cumbersome compared to the benefits these provide. The burdensome regulatory environment is most certainly scaring some young people away from becoming professional drivers.

The HGV Training Centre encourages you to consider earning your commercial driving licence in order to embark on a great career. Contact us for more information about LGV licence cost and financing.


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