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As a leading provider of HGV training in Dyfed and dozens of other locations throughout the UK, the HGV Training Centre includes safe loading and securing principles in the training provided to HGV drivers. Now, thanks to the International Road Transport Union (IRU), there are new and updated guidelines drivers can follow regardless of where in Europe they are operating.

According to a report from HGV UK, the new guidelines are based on the European standard EN 12195-1:2010 adopted a number of years ago. The guidelines also include additional safe practices not covered by the European standard – practices relating to everything from timber to vehicle transport.

The IRU’s Mårten Johansson told HGV UK that the new guidelines enable the safe loading and securing of cargo to be uniform all across Europe, regardless of location. The standards are aimed at making the transport and haulage industries both safer and more efficient.

HGV UK went on to point out that regulations relating to securing loads differ from one European country to the next. Ultimately, however, the goal of the guidelines is to bring some voluntary standardisation aimed at eliminating much of the confusion that exists in several European regions. This should make it easier for transport operators to make sure they are doing things safely throughout the continent.

A Welcome Contribution

One of the big problems with loading and securing cargo in Europe is that transport operators never know what is legally expected of them. That makes the guidelines from the IRU especially welcome to the industry. Operators choosing to follow the guidelines are free from any ambiguities they were previously subjected to because of the varying rules and regulations.

Those of us at the HGV Training Centre commend the IRU for establishing and publishing these guidelines. They are a step in the right direction that will make things that much better among those companies that decide to adopt them. We hope everyone involved in the transport and haulage industries will do so.

We will continue to do our part by stressing the need for proper cargo loading and securing among our HGV students. We will make sure each of our students understand the dangers involved with loading and securing cargo improperly; dangers that affect not only HGV drivers, but everyone else on the road as well.

Our commitment to highway safety is one of the things that have made the HGV Training Centre the leading provider of commercial HGV training in Dyfed and beyond. Is our desire to supply the industry with the safest and most knowledgeable drivers around. What’s more, we are happy to offer our services to individual drivers and fleet managers in need of company-wide training.

The HGV Training Centre offers timely and effective training for all classes of commercial vehicles, including articulated lorries, LGVs, vans, coaches, and buses. We also provide CPC training and classes for non-commercial drivers wishing to tow a light trailer or caravan. Call us to find out more.


HGV UK – http://www.hgvuk.com/01/13/iru-publishes-safe-load-securing-guidelines/


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