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London Mayor Boris Johnson recently criticised both UK and EU policy regarding Euro VI HGVs and their relationship to energy efficiency standards. Apparently, the mayor is less than inspired by efforts to promote cleaner running vehicles in the capital. However, his criticisms have been met with a bit of chiding from industry representatives, including the Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) Natalie Chapman. Ms Chapman is the FTA’s Head of Policy for London.

According to Mayor Johnson, government plans to implement the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London by 2020 would help the UK reach its green gas reduction goals 10 years earlier than currently projected. He is insisting the plan go forward. However, Johnson and Transport for London do not seem to recognise that the haulage industry has already fully embraced Euro VI vehicles for new fleet purchases. Chapman believes London could get a head start on reducing emissions by providing incentives for companies to use the new vehicles inside the capital. The new vehicles could provide everything from cargo transport to HGV training in London.

Currently the only incentives in London are for passenger vehicles. That means companies with the newer vehicles have no reason to send them specifically to the capital if these can be used more effectively in other places. The FTA believes this is a mistake. It believes that offering incentives to haulage operators would encourage more of the cleaner vehicles to be moved to London, allowing the city to begin enjoying ULEZ benefits right away.

Changing with the Times

It seems there is no end to the differences of opinion when it comes to how HGVs operate in London. Be it vehicle emissions or cyclist safety, there are no easy answers that will make everyone happy across-the-board. Yet one thing is for sure, all of us will have to continue changing with the times if the haulage and transport sectors are to remain competitive in the capital.

To that end, the HGV Training Centre provides HGV training in London for both individual and company drivers. Our training classes are offered with a fast-paced approach enabling students to learn and retain the information they need to pass their tests. We do not overwhelm our students with unnecessary and burdensome training.

New drivers wishing to begin training for a commercial licence need to already possess a full car licence in order to apply for a provisional entitlement. They must also pass a routine medical exam provided by an NHS or approved private GP. We can explain all of this to you when you contact us for more information.

The HGV Training Centre offers classes that will prepare you to operate articulated lorries, tipper trucks, vans, heavy construction equipment, coaches and buses, forklifts, and more. Each of our classes is conducted at one of more than 45 facilities around the UK, under the supervision of professional trainers with years of experience. When you train with us, we will have you ready to go in no time.


HGV UK – http://www.hgvuk.com/07/30/why-wait-until-2020-says-fta/


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