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Have you ever wondered if that erratic caravan driver ahead of you actually has a trailer licence? That may be one of the things drivers were thinking as 22-year-old Declan Dousing led police on high-speed chase through Leicestershire in May. Dousing has since been sentenced to 14 months in jail for his actions.

The incident began when Dousing was spotted by police in a Vauxhall Vectra with fake number plates. The vehicle was also towing a rather sizeable Caravan. When police attempted to stop the vehicle, Dousing sped off and a chase ensued. But here’s where it gets interesting: not only did Dousing not have a trailer licence, he didn’t even have a standard car licence!

As the chase wound through local roads, the Vauxhall reached speeds as high as 60 mph. Dousing seemed unimpressed with the fact that he was towing a trailer, even despite the fact that it was nearly out of control. Even as he approached several roundabouts, Dousing drove as though the Caravan didn’t exist.

Eventually Dousing ditched the Vauxhall and took off running. But he didn’t get far. Police arrested him in short order and charged him with multiple counts. One only hopes he has learned his lesson should he ever decide to tow a trailer in the future.

We Offer Trailer Training

Most of the time our blog focuses on very serious matters in the realm of commercial driving and HGVs. We offered this news report today just as a way of introducing the fact that the HGV Training Centre does provide classes for trailer towing. Rest assured that Mr Dousing was not one of our clients.

Our training teaches you everything you need to know about properly transporting a caravan on public roads. You will learn how to hook and unhook your trailer, how to manoeuvre it safely in and out of parking spaces, how to reverse with mirrors, the safe way to load your caravan, and so much more.

By the time you complete our training courses, you’ll be more than ready to take your trailer licence test. We’ll even send one of our instructors with you to the testing facility. Why do we do this? Because we want you to be comfortable every step of the way. That’s one of the ways we ensure such a high success rate.

With the summer holiday season now upon us it’s a great time to receive your trailer training. The HGV Training Centre has over 45 locations staffed by dedicated professionals committed to ensuring your success. We hope you will contact us right away so you’ll be ready in time for the summer season.

As for the professional drivers that regularly read our posts, we want to remind you that the deadline for your CPC training will be here sooner than you think. If you still haven’t received your training, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. CPC training is required by September of next year (2014) if you intend to keep driving commercially.


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