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The Freight Transportation Association (FTA) is warning the nation’s PCV drivers that time is running out in regards to the new mandatory 35-hour CPC training. Completion of a training program is mandatory for drivers who want to continue working professionally from September of this year (2013). According to the FTA, appropriate government agencies at all levels will be cracking down on illegal drivers and companies that allow them to remain on the road.

The mandatory training is in response to changes throughout the European Union designed to standardise driver licences and requirements. CPC certification demonstrates a driver is competent in operating his/her vehicle safely and efficiently anywhere in Europe.

When the requirements for the new training were announced last year, it quickly became apparent that a large number of professional drivers were going to wait on their training and see if the government changed its mind. That hasn’t happened, nor is it likely to. That means there is now a big rush among PCV drivers to get training in before the deadline.

PCV drivers are those whose commercial licences allow them to operate passenger-carrying vehicles capable of carrying more than a few passengers. Examples would include full-size buses and coaches. HGV drivers have a completely different license. They will also be required to complete a 35-hour CPC training course, but their deadline for completion is not until September 2014.

CPC Training Cost

It is worth noting that in relation to the new mandatory PCV training, cost is an issue for many drivers. Depending on the training facility, courses can run as high as £2,000. And while financing options are available, many drivers are clearly upset by the fact that they have to spend a significant amount of money to comply with a law that is not likely to make them safer. What’s more, they have to renew every few years.

Unfortunately, the law is what it is. And since it’s not going to go away any time soon, PCV drivers who still have not received their training need to get to it done before the summer is out. The HGV Training Centre offers the needed classes at more than 45 different locations throughout the UK.

We can provide individual training for drivers who work independently or for small companies. However, we can also provide that same training to corporate clients who need help with a full staff of drivers. Regardless of your need, we can make it happen. We have already worked with some of the most well known transport companies in the country.

In addition to CPC courses, we also provide standard training for PCVs, HGVs, horseboxes and horsebox trailers, caravans and trailers, heavy construction equipment and forklift trucks. Our fast paced and focused approach is designed to make sure you learn everything you need to in as short a time as possible. We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with the training you need. Please contact us by telephoning or using the contact form on this site.


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