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Buy a new Mercedes-Benz in the future and you could be in line for free van driver training paid for by the manufacturer. That’s right; officials at Mercedes are seriously considering offering free training for customers who purchase new vans beginning in 2016. They say the idea is to build a reputation for being a responsible brand that is as concerned about those who drive their vehicles as they are selling the vehicles themselves.

Mercedes-Benz’ Steve Bridge says he decided to explore free training after undergoing CPC driver training himself. He told Business Car that he was so impressed by what he learned that he took it upon himself to devise a programme that could be implemented company-wide. If his plans come to fruition, Mercedes-Benz will be in the business of training van drivers.

It is not clear whether the company will hire its own training staff or contract with established training providers. We expect the latter to be the case. As for who will receive the training, Bridge indicated that the programme would be open to any van driver. However, it’s clear that the training will not be aimed at companies that purchase vans for their fleets – such companies usually cover van driver training themselves. Rather, the training is intended for contractors and other self-employed individuals who use vans for work purposes.

These kinds of van drivers are not necessarily drivers by vocation. As such, they are not likely to receive CPC training of any kind. Those who do undergo training typically do not begin until after an accident that costs them significant time and money. Mercedes-Benz aims to change that through a proactive training programme intended to avoid accidents altogether.

We Offer Training

We will be keeping an eye on Mercedes-Benz and their potential van driver training programme. In the meantime, we already provide the training here at the HGV Training Centre. We train van drivers working as part of a company fleet, as well as those drivers who use their vehicles for work purposes without being vocational drivers.

You should know that our van driver training and HGV/PCV training now includes the instruction necessary to satisfy CPC requirements. As you may already know, CPC training and certification is now required for all commercial drivers once every five years. Non-professionals are not obliged to undergo CPC training, although it is an excellent idea, as Mr Bridge found out for himself.

The aim of CPC driver training is to ensure that all professional drivers maintain a minimum amount of competency enabling them to drive safely. The once every five years training keeps professionals abreast of changes in regulations while also allowing them to brush up on their knowledge of highway safety.

Whether you need CPC or van driver training, the HGV Training Centre can help. You can contact our office by telephone or through this website for more information. We offer regularly forming classes at more than 40 training facilities located around the UK.


Business Car – http://www.businesscar.co.uk/news/2015/mercedes-plans-free-driver-training-with-every-van


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