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A special school in Bolton is the recipient of a new Peugeot 17-seat minibus, compliments of local residents who banded together to raise money for the purchase. The new vehicle, which is wheelchair accessible, will allow the Ladybook school to transport students to extracurricular activities more safely and efficiently. The minibus has already been branded with the school’s logo and slogan ‘Believe and Achieve’.

Officials from Ladybook say their older minibus really was not suitable for the types of activities they take the students to. They are thankful to the community members who saw the need for a new bus and took it upon themselves to spearhead fundraising efforts. There is no word on what the school intends to do with the old bus.

As for who will drive the new Peugeot, the driver will need a PCV licence, given the fact that the bus has 17 seats. At 16 seats or fewer, a driver can operate a minibus with a car licence provided the operation is not for hire or any personal gain. Ladybook will have to hire a new driver or train their current driver if he or she does not have the necessary licence.

Licensing is always a concern when investing in a minibus. The vehicles are favourites for meeting the transportation needs of charities, schools and other organisations, but investing in a new minibus without a licenced operator to drive it can present problems. Thankfully, training to earn a minibus licence is readily accessible throughout the UK.

Current Regulations

Current regulations stipulate that an individual with a regular car licence can operate a minibus as long as it carries no more than 16 passengers and the driver is not personally rewarded for his or her activity. In addition, the driver must:

A number of other restrictions apply, including vehicle weight and ownership. If a driver or organisation is unsure of whether or not a minibus can be operated by someone with a standard licence, it is important to check with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

The HGV Training Centre offers minibus licence training for anyone who needs it. In order to be trained, an individual must apply for a PCV provisional entitlement, which will allow him or her to undergo practical skills training at one of our facilities. After completing training, the student will go on to take his or her practical skills test at an approved facility.

We operate more than 45 facilities around the UK, so you are likely to find one within a reasonable distance of your location. Please contact us for more information about minibus licence training. New classes are forming all the time; we can likely get you started fairly quickly. At the HGV Training Centre, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality training for all classes of commercial vehicles.


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