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Regular readers of our blog know that the UK is in the midst of a severe commercial driver shortage spanning nearly every area of the haulage and transport sectors. Some companies, in a desperate attempt to fill open positions, are going so far as to offer free LGV training to anyone who has the temperament and determination to work hard. That should say something to young people looking to get started in their careers.

As an example, Devon’s Gregory Distribution is an expanding logistics company that has been looking to add a number of LGV drivers for some time. Company officials told The Gazette that they have been unimpressed thus far with the applications received. Business director Darren Beaven said the company is not necessarily looking for already licenced and experienced drivers; they are looking for people who are ‘hard-working and reliable’. They are willing to provide LGV training to unlicensed, but otherwise qualified, drivers.

It turns out that the training offer is not confined just to logistics companies. There are a number of fire and rescue services offering LGV training for new recruits willing to work part-time. In West Sussex, the local fire and rescue service recently added several firefighters to the Chichester station. The fire and rescue services do not mind providing the training because they obviously benefit from it. In return, the new firefighters have a skill they can put to work in a full-time job.

We fully expect more companies to adopt this policy as the economy continues picking up speed. The haulage and transport sectors have to increase their driver numbers if they are to keep pace. Moreover, if offering free training is what it takes, more companies will start doing it.

We Can Train You

We think it is great that there are employers willing to provide LGV training to attract new drivers. As far as we are concerned, whatever it takes is what needs to be done. Here at the HGV Training Centre, we also provide high-quality LGV training for new drivers just getting started.

Training starts with preparing for the LGV theory test. The test is a two-part exam with 100 multiple-choice questions. One part tests the student’s knowledge of general highway safety, the other part tests knowledge of hazard recognition and avoidance. A passing grade allows the student to advance to practical skills training at one of the more than 45 facilities we operate in the UK.

Practical skills training involve both classroom work and behind-the-wheel observation and experience. It is our goal to make sure each of our students is fully prepared to take the practical skills test upon completion of training. What’s more, we strive to make sure our students pass their tests the first time.

If you are interested in a career as an LGV, HGV, or PCV driver, we encourage you to contact us here at the HGV Training Centre. We can have you ready to get to work in a matter of weeks.


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