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Did you know that horseboxes and horsebox trailers are capable of so much more than just transporting horses? It’s true, as one enterprising business owner in Northampton has discovered. The 25-year-old entrepreneur from Weston Favell purchased a used horsebox trailer for £600 and converted it into a full-service Mexican kitchen he now uses to provide food at festivals and other events throughout the UK.

His modified horsebox trailer was recently featured in a Horsemart article published in early October (2015). Horsemart explained how the young man turned his love for cooking into a profitable business venture by investing a small amount of money and a lot of individual effort in both design work and construction. The happy owner says all of the work has certainly paid off. He loves to cook and he loves to take his creations to customers wherever they are.

What the article does not say is whether or not a horsebox licence is now required to operate the vehicle. As things currently stand in the UK, a higher category licence is not required if:

The difficulty, in this case, is that the trailer in question is no longer being used to transport horses. It is now considered either a utility trailer or a goods vehicle depending on how the powers that be interpret it. If it is classified as a goods vehicle, the driver would need a category C1 licence assuming the total weight of both the trailer and tow vehicle is between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. If it is considered a utility trailer, a Category B licence would be efficient up to 7.5 tonnes.

We obviously don’t know how all of this applies to the business owner mentioned in the Horsemart article. All we can say is that when it comes to modifying a horsebox, licence requirements will vary depending on its ultimate use and weight.

Training Always a Good Idea

We believe it is necessary to further point out that training is always a good idea, whether or not a person needs a category C1 licence to tow a horsebox trailer. Those who do not transport horses with their vehicles could still stand to benefit from training that teaches them how to properly tow in a safe and efficient manner. Those who do transport horses need to know how to do so safely.

The HGV Training Centre offers high-quality, comprehensive training for trailer towing. Our training can be utilised by both private and commercial drivers, whether they need a horsebox licence or not. We can also provide Driver CPC training in the event circumstances warrant obtaining a commercial driving licence.

We offer our classes at more than four dozen conveniently located training centres throughout the UK. Contact us to learn more about classes, scheduling, and pricing.


Horsemart – http://www.horsemart.co.uk/news/pimp-my-horsebox-man-discovers-a-whole-new-purpose-for-his-6/4138#tTMtECRz5pFHbpCv.97


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