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Earlier this week we addressed an HGV accident in Tameside involving a driver who ignored road signs in favour of his sat nav device, leading him turning down a narrow and winding road unsuitable for the size of his vehicle. The driver then hit a house in an attempt to undo the mistake he had made. Now it appears that HGV drivers are not the only ones finding certain kinds of roads challenging. A new report from the Department for Transport says drivers of all sorts of vehicles make foolish decisions similar to what was seen in Tameside.

The report, released on 22 October (2015), is part of a THINK! campaign to get drivers to pay more attention to what they are doing. The campaign is focusing right now on the principle of braking before going into a bend in order to reduce the likelihood of having an accident. According to the report:

Analysis of the research makes it clear that drivers are going too fast and not paying close enough attention to what they are doing. And while such behaviour is dangerous under any conditions, the THINK! campaign wants drivers to know that it is especially dangerous on winding country roads that can be unpredictable. This is something HGV drivers know all too well.

Size and Speed Matter

Often, non-professional drivers operate under the mistaken notion that the size of a vehicle is the most important factor determining the seriousness of an accident. While size certainly is a primary indicator of potential damage, speed is equally important. Even a small car travelling at 40 mph can easily kill its occupants through what appears to be a relatively benign collision.

HGV drivers are acutely aware of the combination of size and speed due to the training they receive. Car drivers may not be so fortunate. Because their training is typically limited to the lessons they receive prior to earning their licences, it could be that carelessness sets in after enough time behind the wheel. HGV drivers, on the other hand, must undergo regular training in order to keep their licences. They are more aware of size and speed, and how both increase the danger when travelling on narrow country roads.

THINK! says the solution to the tragic situation involving our country roads is simple: slow down and give yourself enough time to react. There is no journey so important that you must risk your life getting from point A to point B. Indeed, this is a lesson all of our HGV drivers are reminded of time and again; car drivers could probably use similar reminders.


GOV.UK – https://www.gov.uk/government/news/country-roads-revealed-as-britains-deadliest


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