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As we reach the end of January, and you settle into the rhythm of another year, it’s easy to get comfortable and neglect to undertake any self improvement for yet another 12 months. But it’s by assigning ourselves achievable milestones that we can continue to grow both personally and professionally, and make sure we get the absolute most out of life. There might be a lot of things in life you can’t control, but there are many goals you can set yourself that are practical and can be achieved simply by giving them a little time and effort. One of those goals is upgrading your driving licence, giving you the scope and experience to drive even more types of vehicles than you currently can.


Here are a couple of reasons you might want to do just that.

More job options

With specialist driving qualifications, you can increase the number of available jobs you can apply for. Many jobs, such as HGV driving, are available in such high numbers that the promise of a job is almost guaranteed, and you’ll have many different jobs to choose between.


Higher earning potential

Even if you stay within the organisation you’re currently working for, you may find that there are higher wages you can command and more responsibility you can take on simply by being legally allowed to drive a wider range of vehicles than you can now.

Driving a taxi generally pays less than driving a minibus, even if you’re working for the same firm. Likewise, if your job is in a place where you handle a lot of stock, you can up your usefulness by being able to drive a forklift truck as well. Work in construction? Being able to drive a 360 excavator will always make your bosses pay attention. And if you’re currently job-seeking, you’ll instantly see that there are higher wages available for those who carry certain driving qualifications above and beyond a Cat B car driving licence.

Improving your personal life

From helping friends and relatives move house to driving bands around on tour, hiring live-in vehicles on holiday and stepping in to help good causes, there are many uses for an upgraded licence. Whether it enables you to tow vehicles, drive minibuses, vans or coaches, you’ll find it useful enough times over the years to more than justify getting the licence upgrade.

Motivating you to do more

With a company like HGVT, we make upgrading your licence as affordable, quick and easy as it can possibly be. We take care of your paperwork, we condense the training into the minimal amount of time, and we give you the very best instructors no matter which of our many training centres you choose. This makes it simple to achieve a licence upgrade, and with our excellent pass rate you too could be counting yourself as one of our many success stories.


Once you’ve achieved such a straightforward and yet momentous change in your circumstances, this can motivate you to change your life in other ways you might not have the encouragement to do now. So call one of our friendly team today for a no-obligation chat about what we could do to help you.


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