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If you’re looking around for new jobs right now to create your dream career in 2018, you must surely have noticed the abundance of driving jobs that are available. And this isn’t just a recent or even a New Year thing, but a phenomenon you’ll see all year round if you keep an eye on the job market. The problem is, you might not have the right licence. That rules you out, right? Well, not necessarily. The truth is that you could very easily get fully qualified for many of the jobs you can see right now, before they even expire.

For most driving jobs, you need to drive a specialist vehicle of some kind, one that requires a different licence to the Cat B licence required for your car. Very often, the licence you need for these particular vehicles is just a single step up from the car licence you already have, and training can take just a few days.


Here are some of the vehicles you’ll be able to drive with a simple licence update:


Upgrading your Cat B licence to a Cat D1 gives you the opportunity to drive a minibus. You can do this either for your own personal adventures, such as going on holiday, or professionally for payment.

Bus or coach

If you want to drive a bus or coach for a living, all you need to do is upgrade your licence from a Cat B to a Cat D. This means you can drive the larger passenger vehicles you see on the roads. While it might seem hard to believe that this is a single step away from a car licence, it really is that simple.


Upgrading from your Cat B licence to a Cat C licence means you can get into the business of driving an HGV for a living. This is one licence upgrade that will start to pay for itself straight away, as there are far more jobs out there for HGV drivers than there are drivers to take them.


Having a licence to drive a van is one of the most versatile and useful qualifications you’ll ever get. From running personal errands for yourself or friends, to moving house, or shopping at IKEA, having a van licence solves it all. Not to mention the many delivery driving jobs you’ll be able to apply for once you’ve upgraded your Cat B licence to a Cat C1So next time you see a vehicle on the road that isn’t a car, ask yourself whether it’s a vehicle that’s one step away on the licence scale from your current Cat B licence. You’ll soon start to spot all the vehicles you could be driving in no time. 

When you’re ready to take that single step, get in touch with one of our friendly team for a no-obligation chat about upgrading your licence to open up a whole new world of opportunities both personal and professional.



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