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The East of England Ambulance Service is in desperate need of paramedics to ensure quicker response times. It is looking for people with or without ambulance driver training to join the ranks of current paramedics and drivers. To meet its recruiting needs, it has launched a massive drive with the goal of hiring 400 new paramedic trainees by this spring.

Every trainee brought on board by the ambulance service will undergo eight weeks of paramedic training in the classroom followed by blue-light ambulance driver training. The intent is to ensure all successful recruits can provide both medical care and, when necessary, driver services.

Anyone living within the service area of the East of England Ambulance Service and who is interested in becoming a paramedic is urged to contact the Trust as soon as possible. Nevertheless, those outside the service area need not worry. Ambulance services across the UK are in a similar position. These need drivers and paramedics to bolster their sagging ranks.

Becoming an ambulance driver requires at least some training. Whether or not it requires a C1 licence depends on the individual service and the types of vehicles these use. With that said, it never hurts to earn a C1 licence for future career development. Better yet, earning an HGV class 1 or class 2 licence opens doors to a greater number of career opportunities.

The training involved with a commercial driving licence includes both time in the classroom and behind the wheel. Where a theory test is required, students must receive a passing grade before beginning practical skills training. Where the theory test is not required, students can get right to practical skills training and testing.

We Can Train You

The HGV Training Centre can prepare you to earn a commercial driving licence regardless of the class of vehicle you want to drive. Where our ambulance driver training is concerned, our C1 classes are just what you need to get the ball rolling on your career as an ambulance driver or paramedic.

We are a leading provider of commercial driver training throughout the UK with more than 45 local facilities. Our goal is to help each individual student through every step of the training and testing process to ensure he or she succeeds the first time of asking. You might be pleased to know that ninety-two per cent of our PCV theory test trainees pass on the first attempt.

As long as you have a full car licence and you can pass a routine medical exam, you can begin training as soon as you are ready. Some of our training courses can be completed in just five days; others may take a few weeks to complete. At any rate, training with the HGV Training Centre is not a six-month affair. We will have you trained in looking for work in no time at all.

The NHS needs paramedics and drivers right now. Why not call us and start your ambulance driver training today?


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